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Today I was thinking what makes a bedroom to look modern and stylish and I find that it’s hard to choose one certain thing between so many that transform a room into a bedroom. As I spoke a little about the centerpiece of a bedroom- the bed- in a previous article, I want to continue in the same manner and I ask myself what will be the next thing after a bed I want to change if I want to bring up-to-date my bedroom.


Of course the answer was a modern wardrobe according to my new bed. So, I think you totally agree with me that it’s difficult to imagine a modern bedroom with no wardrobe except you love to have a special room for that. This piece of furniture, usually equipped with a mirror, drawers and other devices helps us to keep our clothes, bags and many other things that we use every day. In latest years, wardrobe is a major theme in the world of furniture. There is a wide range of wardrobes in the market that fits for every taste and buget. One model is the sliding doors wardrobe, a unique piece with no openings perfect for combining with the modern concept of linearity and simplicity. If I have to choose from a traditional wardrobe and a sliding doors one, I will definitely pick out the last one for various reasons: functionality, minimalist design, storing capacity, best use of space. Skilled designers of sliding wardrobes redefine the space you already have, so you can manage better the given space of your room. It is a fact that everyone wants to use the space in a more useful manner because we do not have sufficient space to accomodate a large number of wardrobes in our houses. That makes us think to have a wardrobe that not only enhances our storing capacity but also cover less area. Contemporary sliding doors wardrobes are fulfilling all these requirements and even increases the beauty of your bedroom. They have many drawers as well as in many cases surface areas in order to better accommodate even small accessories like scarves and girdles. May also be present special drawers to store shoes. Thus we can settle more items in these modern sliding wardrobe than in the traditional ones. The front horizontal sliding doors are designed to look great whether you use a single unit or several combined units. Actually no matter big can be this model of wardrobe, its opening doors mode allows you to place other furniture too close to it. The doors are often characterized by smooth surfaces even made completely mirrored. Materials are widely used as wood or aluminum. Sliding wardrobes have a great look which is still enhancing. Now we are having wall to wall mirror.These glasses can be semi- sintered or plain mirror glasses. Not only beauty but also insulation can be achieved by these plain glass doors. Thus they are very effective in air conditioned rooms.These modern wardrobes also have their applications in the offices as table cabinets or side cabinets, in the kitchen as kitchen cabinets and so on. Their concept is simple but very stylish and are a wonderful way to achieve a modern layout.You will appreciate these wardrobes once they will be installed in your house. I bet you!

amazing sliding wardrobe sliding-wardrobe sliding-wardrobe sliding-wardrobe sliding-wardrobe
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