Switch Restaurant. The Unique Space designed by Karim Rashid

Hello my dear friends!
For this time I want to tell you something about the best restaurant designed by KARIM RASHID which won the MDIMP Annual Restaurant & Bar Space Award for Switch Restaurant. When Karim Rashid designed this magnificent restaurant it was inspired by the dunes of the desert that gives you the feeling of a powerful, clean space, a oasis in the middle of the desert witch it created an amazing perspective.

arabic restaurant
This restaurant is like a “symmetrical vision composed of a continuous, undulating wall that wraps around the space” Karim Rashid said, and I agree with him. The facilities of Switch Restaurant are : 62 seats for dining & 35 for bar / loungeon and 200 sqm area , witch it is a lot of space to enjoy this unique colored oasis. Personally I liked very much and I want it to share it with you, my designlike readers so please be free to explore and to be inspired by this great design.

For more information you can visit the site.

arabic restaurant

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