Modern Take on a Traditional Japanese Style Restaurant

Meet Gochi, an inspiring Japanese bistro that captures and surprises the senses with a variaty of exciting smaller dishes, sushi and delicious yakitori in a casual, relaxed setting. Located in Melbourne, Australia, Gochi Restaurant’s unique design approach was envisioned by creative practice Mim Design, specialised in the design of interior environments. Their considerable experience with many projects from retail, hospitality, residential and corporate, allow them to create original looking spaces like this one, that are refined both in form and detail.


Opened this year, Gochi Restaurant is part of Crown Entertainment Complex and although it’s seems to be tucked away in a corner in a middle of a passageway, it will pleasantly surprise you with the food, service, and peaceful atmosphere. The space is well planned and the combination between textured materials and simple yet bold color scheme, distinctive for traditional Japanese interiors, exudes warmth and coziness. Red floor to ceiling sliding doors provides transparency, a sense of mystery and intrigue to passers-by, but also an intimate kind of feeling while separate the restaurant from passageway.

Proof that you are experiencing a modern take on a traditional Japanese style restaurant are the creative and eye-catching design details such as some parts of the ceiling structure which are made up of interwoven ropes or well-known chopsticks were transformed into custom-designed lighting which scale the walls. Edgy, comfortable, personalized. The mix of warm timbers and black and red color palette makes the restaurant interior exhales a certain sophistication that resonate with its Asian style.







Photos © Shannon McGrath & Mim Design


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