Zaha Hadid – World Architecture Exhibition Opens Today in Denmark

An exhibition experience beyond the ordinary is expecting you this summer at the Danish Architecture Centre, Denmark, between 29 June and 29 September 2013. The international star architect Zaha Hadid is having her first solo show in Scandinavia, which opens today at 6 pm. Celebrating her work, the exhibition “Zaha Hadid-World Architecture” is an invitation to discover the architecture’s universe through the eyes of one of the most sought after, admired and discussed architects in the world.


Photo © Steve Double

“Everything needs to be perfected, everything!” are the words of the first female architect who has received the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize – ‘architecture’s Nobel Prize’ in 2004. Zaha Hadid name is synonym with revolutionary experimentation and research, design innovation and implementation of stat-of-the-art technologies into a sensual and expressive form language, which today have become iconic for the vision of the future global architecture.

Challenging the boundaries of architecture for more than 30 years, the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid is one of the most sought after, admired and discussed architects in the world. Projects like the MAXXI: National Museum of 21st Century Art in Rome (2010), Guangzhou Opera House (2010), the BMW Central Building in Leipzig (2005), the Aquatics Centre for the London 2012 Olympic Games (2012), The Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Arts Centre  are excellent examples of her vision for fluid, dynamic and complex architectural structures.

Supported by Realdania and Kvadrat, Zaha Hadid Architects teamed up with the Danish Architecture Centre and developed this extraordinary exhibition where visitors have the opportunity to experiment a world of amazing towers, floating shells, selected projects and design objects, which take shape in a bordless advanced digital and geometric universe. Moreover, an interactive installation that changes in form and expression according to visitors’ movements in space will certainly be something worth seen.

There will be a pre-opening talk followed by the opening reception between 6-8 pm. For more other details, check out the Danish Architecture Centre’s website. 


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