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Window treatments from these days are very different from our grandmother’s old ones. Practically mandatory, those thick, heavy and unattractive curtains are now replaced with lighter, decorative layered treatments, which comes in various styles and have a huge palette of contemporary hues so that they can be customized according to our taste and the overall home’s design. Modern window treatments are less heavy, more natural  and offer a wide range of curtains, panels, over-the-top draperies, streamlined shades, blinds and shutters , that look amazing on their own and  fit the unique size of your space.


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Whether you choose or not to have curtains around the windows, you should know that they don’t have only a functional role, but also aesthetical, due to the fact that they enhance the room’s design adding instant style, pattern and color and making it more attractive than before. Windows are important as they add a lot of character to a space, so when rethinking the interior design of your room even is about painting walls, getting new furniture pieces or simply just rearranging them, it’s good to consider to give the windows a fresh makeover.You’ll see the difference right away and once you find the treatments that work for your space, we guarantee that you won’t give up so easily to them. A quick way to see what you might like is to visit home decorating websites, buy modern home decorating magazines, watch home makeover shows on TV or visit local store for suggestions and ideas.

Picking out modern window treatments may prove to be funny, but it surely won’t be a snap decision because of the wide variety of fabrics, colors, styles and pattern choices. Redesigning the windows into a piece that provides a statement and creates visual interest is something that anyone can do. To offer privacy and provide the function of air circulation and lighting, you should choose carefully the texture, material and combination of colors. For a more modern look, opt for wider stripes and contrasting hues. Floor-to-ceiling-drapes are another terrific option also trendy right now due to the fact that they offer a sophisticated look. They are perfect if you want to give the illusion of a high room or for homes with higher ceilings.


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