Exclusive Kitchen Space with High-Tech Design

No doubt that the future is already here. High-tech design is becoming more and more present in next generation kitchen’s environments, which make us imagine how our life would look like if everything we do in our kitchen would benefit from this cutting-edge technology. Unlike the common spaces we see nowadays, these futuristic kitchen concepts offer a new cooking experience -engaging and fully interactive. Here we have a stunning kitchen design that gets a dose of Star Trek styling – Prisma kitchen.


Presented at EuroCucina 2012, a trade show for high-end kitchen furnishings, the creation is the result of the collaboration between Italian kitchen design company Toncelli and the experience design consultancy Experientia. With a modern minimalist design and simple contrasts, Toncelli’s kitchen impresses through amazing features that add fluidity to the island space: exclusive and revolutionary technology, ingenous surfaces with “prismatic” compositions, transparent top pieces illuminated from bellow, and innovative mechanisms for opening and closing the doors (invisible handles, vertical fridge and hanging cupboards). The kitchen island features a red bar above and  transparent black glass top which integrates a Samsung Galaxy Tablet that controls the basic kitchen functions like adjusting heat on the stove top, refrigerator settings and locking doors. Really impressive, isn’t it? For what else would you use the Galaxy Tab technology in such a kitchen?





Photos © Toncelli





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