13 Beautiful Kitchen Island Ideas

No wonder that many people are looking for kitchen island ideas whether they are building a new home or remodeling their old kitchen. Kitchens have become over time from simple space to cook and eat to a place where family members get together, tell stories of the day and spend wonderful time each other. As for many of us the kitchen is the heart of the house, they have to be given a special attention in order to make not only a functional, usable room, but also achieve a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere there.


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Kitchen island designs are one of the most requested features these days to incorporate in their design, being a more recent development that not only add a modern touch to your kitchen, but also take a kitchen to a completely new level – more functional and more comfortable. If you think of it before as a rectangular-shaped bench in the middle of your kitchen with some stools where the kids could eat before running to school, well the kitchen island is in fact much more nowadays,  having more benefits and features. You can find various unique designs, shapes and materials that will enhance the appearance of the kitchen and in the same time making it more versatile and adapted to your daily needs.

Usually, such islands are found in open kitchens with plenty space, but they can be found also in smaller kitchens which have some space for it. They are great things that store ustensils, house appliances that don’t fit in the cabinet structure such as wine refrigerator, another cooktop, a second owen, microwave or sink, provide you with the ease of food preparation and also allow you to  use them as a breakfast table. Although, they offer endless possibilities to use it, choose one that fits your design and your needs. For example, don’t buy a kitchen island that has many compartments if you will use only half of them.

In this case, slimmer design with fewer cabinets and drawers is a perfect choice. Simplicity will save space and give a cleaner look to your kitchen. Depending on the style you want to embrace in your kitchen, there are many different materials and colors to choose from in order to make your cooking area unique and original. For example, glass, metal  and granite with vibrant colors will create a modern aura, while wood, cast iron, composite stone with sandy and brown hues will give a classic look. Just inspire yourself and bring a stylish touch to your kitchen with one of these amazing ideas.


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Photo © Italian Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego


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