Stylish Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Looking for fresh teenage girl bedroom ideas for this year? We thought to give you a helping hand and gathered 8 pictures with teenage girl rooms with appealing design styles and eye-catching details, which allow them to indulge in their decorating dreams every single day. We all want to have modern room designs nicely decorated to suit our tastes and personality, and of course our teenage girls are no exception, even more if you think that kids grow and their rooms design need often to be changed in order to keep up with their  changing needs.


Photo © Michael J. Lee; Ana Donohue Interiors

Teen girls want mostly to leave behind childhood tokens and choose a more sophisticated style in the long run, and looking from their point of view this is somehow normal, isn’t it? For them it’s important to keep their room updated with new things, which can be a real headache when we don’t always have the money for that. But, here’s the good news: a fresh new look, organized and uncluttered for your teenage girl doesn’t have to be always expensive. Of course, hiring a designer to deal with this situation is the best solution, but if you are on a budget, be creative and you’ll certainly have an amazing result (example: choose a new lively focal point, organize differently her collections of small things, repaint a few piece of furniture with vibrant colors, choose another theme she loves, etc.).

When it comes to decorating a teenage girl’s room, it’s important to take your daughter’s opinion into account, to listen to her wishes and vision about how should look like her room, because she is the one who will spend her most of the time in it. It should be pleasing for both parents and teens, so the space should have a design that reflects the girl’s sweet and energetic personality, be age-appropriate and fit the style with the rest of the rooms. A mix of joyful spirit which includes clean lines, cheerful color palettes, quality furniture and cozy fabrics might be a very good choice in order to create youthful and light bedrooms that will grow with the girl. A custom headboard, patterned pillows, modern lamps, linens and fluffy beds, linens and fluffy beds, pale blue butterfly wallpaper keeps it from feeling over the top  add visual texture and depth to the vibrant space. Top on the list of preferences are bright floral designs, that can be used for curtains, pillows covers, linen, as well as for walls coverings.

Colors are very important to create a wonderful feminine atmosphere, determine the theme and style, while unifying the entire design of the space and you should have fun exploring an endless range of options. From classic pinks and purples, shades of orange, green, gold and blue to sunny combinations of turquoise and peachy-orange, navy and pink, pink, white and grey, yellow, orange and grey, etc. Choose one or two main colors and combine different intensities of them to open up the possibilities. Don’t forget to test large swatches of paint on the wall before deciding to one and see how they change their appearance through the day. Take a look and get inspired from some beautiful pictures below.


Photo © Tobi Fairley Interior Design


Photo © Courtney Apple; Caitlin Wilson


Photo © Julianne Kelly Interiors


Photo © Beth Keim; Lucy and Company


Photo ©  Beth Keim; Lucy and Company


Photo © Ana Donohue Interiors


Photo © Directions In Design, Inc.

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