More Information About the Jackson Hole Real Estate Area and Lifestyles Therein

Jackson Hole real estate is located in a valley encompassed by mountains.

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Where a Jackson Hole Real Estate is Located

The valley where a Jackson Hole real estate area is located spans 48 miles long and 8-15 miles wide, and the floor of the valley slopes from 6,779 ft. above sea level in the north and about 6,069 ft. at the southern end.

The Snake River meanders its way through the valley which gets its flow from streams and rivers like the Gros Ventre River and Flat Creek. In the area of Jackson Hole real estate locations, several lakes lie along the course of the Snake River, and among them is the large Jackson Lake.

Along the west side of the valley of the Jackson Hole real estate, is the famous Teton Mountains rising into the sky with sharp rocks iconically without the prelude of foothills to separate the large mountains from the valley floor. Grand Teton, the tallest among the mountains in the range near the Jackson Hole real estate, is 13,772 ft. above sea level.

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The Grand Teton towers over Lake Jenny at its foot. In the valley to the east of Jackson Hole real estate locations rise the Gros Ventre (Big Belly) Mountain ranges that rolls up with a gentle slope from the valley bed. To compare with the Grand Teton, Gros Ventre’s tallest mountain is Doubletop Peak at 11, 682 ft., around twenty miles southeast of Jackson Hole real estate locations.

Most of the valley where Jackson Hole real estates are located is occupied by the Grand Teton National Park, which preserves the towering ranges of the Teton Valley Mountains and some magnificent glacial lakes. Native wildlife around the Jackson Hole real estate includes mule deer, elk, grizzly and black bear, moose, bison, and trumpeter swans.

The park visitors can take delight in many large animals that roam the area undisturbed across the floor of the valley, and several trails that lead into the mountains to satisfy inquisitive minds. The park to date includes 485 sq. miles of area.

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Jackson, the town located toward the south area of the valley is nestled between East Gros Ventre Butte and the Hoback Range – which contributes to the Snow King Mountain to the south boundary of the valley. The butte or foothill is one of the many that emphasize the valley, varies the flatness of the Snack River area with the mountainous humps of ancient landforms. Jackson is considered the seat of Teton County.

Jackson was formed in 1921, more than 30 years after Wyoming became a state in 1890. Statistics in 2000 state that Teton Country had around 18,251 in population, while Jackson where Jackson Hole real estates are located has a population of 8,647 year-round. A lot are temporary residents swell the population tally during the tourist seasons for the Jackson Hole real estate areas from 5,000 in the winter months to 52,000 in the summer months. The country has a huge land area of 4,214 square miles. Almost 97% of Jackson County is publicly owned and belongs to the government.

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Considering the vast expanse of public land, including 2 national parks, it follows that the most essential industry in the area remains to be tourism. The Grand Teton National Park sits in the heart of the Jackson Hole real estate area, while the Yellowstone National Park lies only a few miles up north. The area of the Jackson Hole real estate serves as a gateway to both parks. In the late 1990s, the Grand Teton National Park reaches total traffic of more than 4 million visitors. This high number indicates the Jackson Hole real estate area’s popularity and the health of the tourism industry in the area.

A couple few ranches operate in the valley still leaving an impression of the area’s original economic beginnings. A lot of these ranches around the Jackson Hole real estate area supplement their income with tourism still – a ranch can accept guests, or serve as headquarters for outfitting fishermen and hunters.

The school districts in the Teton Country have their admission of around 2,000 students from kindergarten to Grade 12. Students in the Jackson Hole real estate area participate in a wide scope of activities from indoor debates, dramas, and music to outdoor skiing, soccer, and other sports.

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How Jackson Hole Real Estate Lifestyle Can Be Pictured

Those individuals and families looking into relocating to Jackson Hole real estate properties from the big cities find the transfer very fulfilling. The Jackson Town, Teton Village, and other surrounding areas offer a very refreshing environment supporting all kinds of lifestyles. A lot of people commonly are concerned with family lifestyles when it comes to relocation such as available employment, housing, places of worship, activities around town, educational institutions, leisure, entertainment, and shopping.

Jobs in the Jackson Hole real estate areas are the majority of the time part seasonal and meets the need of the younger generation wanting to experience the valley for one or two seasons and then move along. There are a growing number of new business start-ups providing jobs that pay higher for those that need to make more to achieve balance in supporting and enjoying the freedom of living in a small town as well.

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A lot of business executives and company owners can relocate to a Jackson Hole real estate property and do their businesses through the town’s information highways utilizing high-speed technology. 

Jackson Hole real estate, condominium rentals, and home rentals may suit those that are still finding employment and a place to stay. It is recommended that without financial stability one looks into rentals through the internet, newspapers, and/or local property management firms handling long-term contracts.

The commute is not very far from Teton Pass as well and it is one beautiful drive passing the Jackson Hole real estate areas. Bus routes exist for families with children that need to be in school. The proximity to the central part of town and the ski area is one sure consideration when choosing a Jackson Hole real estate property.

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Finding a place to worship for many families is one major consideration. A variety of churches and other houses of worship for different faiths exist in the Jackson Hole real estate area.

Shopping and entertainment around the Jackson Hole real estate can also be a real concern for some that have come from the city. A few chain grocery stores do exist in most parts of the Idaho Falls about an hour and 15 minutes from the Jackson area. Malls and other big stores are there as well in the fast-growing city.


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