New Samsung 4K TV Unveiled at CES 2013

Among many impressive TVs at CES 2013, South Korean giant Samsung pleasantly surprised the audience by enveiling  Samsung 4K TV, the largest 4K television ever launched, which ensures a premium experience to users. With a diagonal of 85 inches, about 216 cm, and a resolution of four times the 1080p (HD Display), the Samsung S9 (S9000) 4K UHD TV beats the existing 4k TVs by a full inch and the brand, with a successful history of creating innovative products, marks a new era of minimalist design and latest engineering technologies.

Delivering the ultimate in picture quality and thinness, the Samsung S9 4K UHD TV shows unique features to the world that brought to it a CES 2013 design award even before the show had started. It’s an intelligent LED backlit TV with all the conectivity and 3D capabilities, a masterpiece that will be acclaimed by home entertainment and design enthusiasts alike.


The TV can restore HD and Full HD resolutions to make them entirely Ultra HD. The next-level screen features Precision Black Pro technology that promises blacks and whites very dense shades. The technology combines a high contrast ratio.  To be able to support both classic content and present application, S9 has a quad core processor. The audio system has three tap and 120 watts, and Samsung promises a listening experience six times better than conventional TVs (do not know how it was tested this feature). Voice interaction is another unique feature that allows you to control it by talking to him.

But beyond 4K resolution and 3D capability, perhaps the most interesting feature (as noted and those attending CES) is the ability to connect with any Samsung gadget or appliance from the house. For example, if you have a  Samsung washing machine, you can see how much time is left until completion of washing. Awesome, isn’t it?! Moreover, S9 is also remarkable thanks to its the special frame, brilliant and unique, where it seems to “float”. Samsung has given a name: Timeless Gallery, which seeks to integrate directly the TV in a minimalist design of a house. It seems there’s no release date or pricing as for the moment for the stunning Samsung S9 4K  UHD TV, those from Samsung also preparing to launch this year 95 and 110-inch TVs with Ultra HD 4k technology. Take a look!



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Samsung 4K TV at CES 2013



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