Port-a-Bach home designed by Bonnifait&Giesen

Shipper in New Zealand but built-in China, the Port-a-Bach home designed by Bonnifait&Giesen represent is a portable home prototype, a up-cycling container which defiantly represent a significant innovation.

mobile-house The Port-a-Bach prototype can be used as a holiday home because it is designed, to be environmentally clean, secure, practical, inexpensive and very comfortable.

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This amazing idea for creating a portable container home gives to architect the recognition as being the most talented architect designer. It is important to know that if you want to travel, to the most spectacular places, with your family or friends, but you don’t afford to spend much money on expensive hotels, then this is the perfect solution for you because the Port-a-Bach prototype house is a long-term solution.


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It has all the accommodation you need like power, water and sewer independent, it has a lovely interior design, very spacious, a living room, and can be decorated as you like.  Unfortunately, the Port-a-Bach prototype is not in production, on the moment, but in time, they will find the best commercial partner in order make it.



source: Port-a-Bach home


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