Now you can make your home look as glamorous as a movie star’s

You’ve seen the insides of their homes, whether it’s Khloe Kardashian’s home or Shilpa Shetty’s abode.  They look impeccable.  If you ever wanted your home to look as glamorous as one of theirs (or any other movie star’s), this is the article for you.  You will learn the perfect home decor ideas and tips to make your home look beautiful and glamorous.

Make your bedroom look perfect

You spend most of your time in your bedroom either sleeping, relaxing while watching T.V., or sitting in your favorite recliner reading a book.  You need good bedroom design ideas to make your bedroom feel like the go-to place to relax or retire in.  You also want your bedroom to look spectacular so that you can proudly show it off to guests.

Settle for light and bright colors

Believe it or not, bedrooms with light and bright colors actually look much bigger than they really are. A great color to use in this instance is white.  White is a brilliant and light color which widens up spaces and makes small spaces look very big!  

Remember that simple is better

When it comes to decorating and designing your bedroom, stick to simple bedroom designs as much as possible.  If you try to be too bold or too fancy when designing and decorating your bedroom, you risk making it look too complicated, cluttered, and over designed.  This can be a real turnoff to both you and your guests.  

A great way of using a simple bedroom design is to layer the white and other light and bright colors.  This will make your bedroom look warm, welcoming, and give it a personality which will draw people (including yourself) in.  you can use different shades, tones, and textures of bedding and white-on-white or bright colored patterns to give your room a real lived in feel.  A patterned throw blanket and chrome bedside lamp only adds flair to an already stylish bedroom.

Always remember that expensive is not necessarily more glamorous

If you are like most people, you have a fixed budget when it comes to decorating and designing your bedroom.  You need small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget for this reason.  One great way to make your bedroom glamorous and seem larger than life is to push your bed up against a wall or corner.  Your bedroom will seem bigger, more stylish, and will be more welcoming for you to retire, sleep in, or read your favorite book while in bed.  If you want a more sophisticated look, you can spruce your bed up by adding a two headboard corner system.

Another way to decorate when your budget is limited is to remember that less is more.  You can make your bedroom look very sophisticated and glamorous by only keeping the furniture that you absolutely need. Your bedroom will look more organized, roomy, and less cluttered, and the focus of your bedroom will be around your bed.  Keep only those furniture and accessories which you absolutely require for this reason.  Store any unessential accessories in built-in storage compartments.

Furniture makes all the difference in a small bedroom

Choosing the right small bedroom furniture is key when you want to make your small bedroom look chic and welcoming.  A great way to choose great furniture for your small bedroom is to use floating shelves.  These are versatile.  They can be used for any purpose in any small bedroom. Some of the uses for floating shelves are listed below:

  • A place to store accessories in lieu of a nightstand
  • A great way to warm up your room by adding an entry table by your door
  • A bookcase
  • A place to hold decorative clothing and accessories which will add beauty and glamor to your bedroom
  • A desk upon which to place your laptop.

You can manipulate the look of your bedroom by leveraging your small bedroom furniture in innovative ways.  A good example of this is buying a bed with drawers under it.  This will allow you to make your bedroom look less cluttered and more lived in by allowing you to store any accessories you don’t use much.  You can use decorative bins, milk crates, and woven baskets as a storage place for accessories, and as decorative tool!

Making the most of your small bedroom

How to make the most of a small bedroom.  If you live in a home or apartment with a small bedroom, this is both a question and challenge for you.  One way of making your small bedroom look elegant and roomier is to use plenty of mirrors.  Mirrors are a bedroom designer’s best friend because they expand the look and feel of a smaller bedroom.  You can enhance the natural beauty of your bedroom by placing it in a position where it reflects the sunlight which shines through your bedroom window.  If you want to make your room seem bigger and more interesting, attach a body length mirror to one of your walls.

Decorating your small bedroom is a cinch

Now that you know some good home decor ideas and tips, and now that you know how to use them in one of the most used rooms in your house – your bedroom, you can make your home look as glamorous as that of a celebrities”!


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