Olympic Shooting Venue by Magma Architecture

Located in the southeast London district of Woolwich on the grounds of the historic Royal Artillery Barracks, the Olympic Shooting Venue hosts this year the Olympic and Paralympic Games at the London Olympic Games for summer. Innovatively designed by the German-based firm Magma Architecture, the pavilions are these days home for the shooting competitions where athletes will line up and aim weapons at targets 10, 25 and 50 meters away.

The construction of the venue has taken almost one year to be made and the result is a dynamically curving space, a space that impresses by a truly unique appearance that is ment to evoke an experience of flow and precision inherent in the shooting sport. The three temporarily buildings occupy 18,000 square metres showcasing a façade covered in white phthalate-free PVC membrane with vibrantly colored dimples that seems to stand out from it, keeping the PVC skin held in tension in order not to flap around in the wind.
These interesting openings has also another role, to provide natural ventilation and light, and to act as doorways at ground level. Due to the fact that the pavilions are mobile, immediately after the London Games they are dismantled and packed away to reuse them in future sporting events and the site will return to its original condition.


Photos: J.L. Diehl, Magma Architecture.


Project details:

Architects: Magma Architecture
Location: London, England
Lead Consultant: Mott MacDonald
Client: Olympic Delivery Authority
Total Footprint: 14,305 sqm
Total SeatingCapacity: 2,900
Architectural Design Team: Martin Ostermann with Lena Kleinheinz, Hendrik Bohle, Susanne Welcker, Pablo Carballal, Niko Mahler, Philipp Mecke, Diana Drogan, Veljko Markovicz, Manuel Welsky


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