Pipe Chair Concept by Yaroslav Rassadin

Designers get inspired by lots of things and ideas, some of their products having really creative and interesting shapes that amazes us and make us wish to have such furniture pieces. Take for example Pipe Chair designed by Russian industrial designer Yaroslav Rassadin, which displays an unusual design for a chair, but quite attractive and modern if we can say so. We don’t know if you’ve heard so far of someone being inspired by a pipe, but we certainly didn’t..till now.
We’re always surprised, in a pleasant manner of course, to find such product concepts, because yes, the Pipe Chair hasn’t been produced yet and it’s still a concept. Industrial designer Yaroslav Rassadin like to make smart designs for people who love to wonder and discover new meanings in ordinary objects, so this chair’s design represents very well his believe.  Part of Stream collection, the Pipe Chair’s shape imitate the classic form of a pipe, being coated with soft surfaces and keeping all ergonomic standards. It evokes that feeling of unhurried process of thinking for someone who sits on it, if thinking that in many cases seeing someone smoking a pipe leads us to the impression of intelligence.

Photos: © Yaroslav Rassadin.




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