One-Stop Guide to Carpets: Checkups, Cleaning, and Care

So you have a carpet in your house? Or maybe your entire house is made out of carpet? Whatever the case, you have carpets as your floor – and some of them have stains.

With carpeting comes the big responsibility of cleaning. You need to be prepared to put some elbow grease into cleaning. If you don’t have experience cleaning carpets beyond the occasional vacuuming, this guide will give you everything you need to know about getting out those deep stains.

Checkups: What to Look for When Inspecting Your Carpet

Before starting to clean, you need to see just what issues you’ve got on your hands. Whether you’ve been in your home for years or you just moved in, it doesn’t matter. Doing a thorough check of the carpet is important so that you can take the next step wisely.

Maybe you see some stains or notice that there is a smell coming specifically from your carpet. A water damaged carpet will smell differently than one that had soup spilled on it. Pay attention to the type of carpet odor, so you know if you need to call a water carpet damage service for help.

You also want to note any parts of the carpet that seem old. If there are enough sections that feel shaggy and worn, it may be time for a replacement. This can be a hassle, so make sure to consult a professional to determine the extent of the damage before making any replacements.

Cleaning: How to Deep Clean Your Carpet

You’ve done all the checking and double-checking. You’re 100% sure that you noticed every problem spot in your carpet. Perfect – it’s time to get cleaning.

You’ll need some supplies to get started. Fortunately, you probably have a vacuum cleaner, meaning you’ve gotten the biggest carpet cleaning tool out of the way. But a vacuum isn’t the only thing you need. Here’s a list of a few other supplies to achieve a truly deep clean:

  • Mini-steamer
  • Detergents
  • Pre-sprays
  • Rinses, for most odors
  • Sponges
  • Rags

If stains are an issue for you, you have a few options. There are many pre-sprays and detergents on the market that you can sprinkle over the stain and blot out with a sponge or a rag.

For a natural solution, pour vinegar on the stained area. Then cover the area with a paste made of vinegar and baking soda overnight. Rinse and your carpet should be golden.

If you have animals, odor removal is a must. Try a powder like baking soda that you can spread on your carpet to make the area smell good and get rid of excess moisture.

With the mini-steamer, you can remove small stains and also deep-clean the entire carpeted area. The mini-steamer will use moisture to loosen up dirt, bacteria, and other stuff embedded in the carpet, and then the suction of the steamer will pull out all the gunk.

Care: How to Maintain Your Carpet After Cleaning

Now for the finale. You’ve cleaned your carpet well and scoured every inch to make sure you didn’t overlook anything. It’s time for preventative care.

Preventative care should be part of your ongoing maintenance. This simply requires that you use carpet protectors to prevent any stains or damage.

You should also make sure that you are not wearing your shoes on the carpet. Shoes are the number one way that stains and dirt get into carpets.

Remember, the best way to keep out stains is to get them as soon as they happen. If you spill something, use a spray to stop the stain in its tracks.

The Carpet of Your Dreams Awaits

You’ve done it! You’ve read the carpet guide. Now it’s time to get to work. Your carpets will be unbelievably clean by the time you’re finished. Just make sure that you are keeping messy foods, animals, and kids at bay.


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