The Importance of Valuation in Property Decision Making

Valuation refers to the process of estimating a property’s fair price in an open market. It involves estimating the worth of an asset or real estate property for a particular purpose like sale audit rating, taxation, purchase, letting, or compulsory purchase. Valuation is always based on key foundations as well as practices.

Several global organizations have been established so as to regulate and offer governance to valuers. Examples of the bodies include the International Federation of Surveyors. This premier international organization represents the interests of surveyors globally. It covers offers an international platform for discussion as well as development aiming to provide proficient practice and standards.

Why Perform a Valuation?

Unlike other investments, the benefits of real estate property are often realized over a lengthy period of time. Thus, an estimate of your property’s value helps you as a property owner to monitor the economic and social trends plus government regulations as well as environmental conditions that might influence their property’s value.

Better Decision Making

Valuation—the process of determining the value of any property—is an important aspect when it comes to decision making. Designed to offer unbiased and credible property value assessment, the valuation will help you make better decisions. Here are the benefits of property valuation as far as decision making is concerned.

Enhanced Comfort

Property valuation, which is legal in nature, will give you peace of mind and enable you to live comfortably. Remember, the transaction process of property valuation is complex. With the Melbourne property valuation service, you have a partner who will determine the property’s value and price. Doing this gives you a large degree of comfort. With a valuation, you can sort out things like:

  • Bank loans and mortgage
  • Insurance purposes
  • ·Property tax and financial planning
  •  Audit and balance sheet
  • Rental negotiations and owner-occupier based house allowance
  • Mergers and acquisitions


The amount of payable insurance is often calculated based on the property’s perceived market value and purchase price. However, that’s quite a costly mistake and a professional surveyor’s revaluation can be helpful since an open market value doesn’t always reflect the cost of rebuilding. It isn’t, therefore, sufficient to determine the property’s valuation for insurance.

Buying as well as Selling Decisions 

Property valuation plays a significant role in guiding your buying as well as selling decisions. Property investment is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life and they should, therefore, be made with a clear objective in mind. An experienced valuer can help you make wise decisions regarding the selling and purchase of the property.

Accurate Property Assessment

A real estate agent will always strive to get you the best price on the market. Nonetheless, their pricing may not be a hundred percent accurate and might negatively influence your property’s pricing. In this case, you ought to choose a certified valuer for accurate property assessment.

The Bottom-Line

Your property needs the valuation for the purposes of decision making. Plus there are numerous other benefits of hiring a professional valuation company. And the Melbourne property valuation service does exactly that. It’s transparent, affordable, and efficient. 


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