Perimeter vs. Privacy Fencing: Differences Explained

When you hear the words ‘perimeter fencing’ and ‘privacy fencing,’ you may assume they’re one in the same. What you may not know, however, is that they have some pretty vast differences from one another. Learning the differences can help you decide what you may want and need for your own yard.

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Here are some of the main differences of perimeter and privacy fences:

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Area of Enclosure

As the name implies, perimeter fencing typically enclosures the perimeter of one’s property. This is often installed to make it clear where property lines start and end for a house, especially when neighbors are in close quarters, or around, say, a private patch of land like a farm.

On the other hand, privacy fencing tends to be around a specific area of one’s yard, like, say, around their pool or to create a little “wall” or barrier on one or all sides of a backyard dining area. Unlike perimeter fencing, privacy fencing isn’t usually placed along property lines to indicate property ownership, but rather, to provide privacy from nosy eyes or eavesdroppers.

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Perimeter fencing often plays a functional role rather than an aesthetic role. While everyone wants their perimeter fencing to look nice, there’s only generally so much they’re willing to pay for this type of fencing.

As for privacy fencing, the designs tend to be more variant, and people are usually more open to going all out with the aesthetics to make it suitable for their yard.


Since perimeter fencing tends to be a functional element, the material is typically some sort of wood. Wood is relatively sturdy and holds up well over the next several years.

On the other hand, a privacy fence for yard can come in a wider variety of materials. You can find plenty of offerings made of wood, metal, vinyl, the list goes on. Materials can range from cheap to expensive depending on how long you want your fencing to hold up, your budget, and the overall aesthetic you prefer.


Depending on how much of an area you’re wanting to enclose, how fancy the design and materials you opt for, and other factors like how tall you want the fencing to be can have a huge impact on the cost of your fencing installation.

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However, when comparing the expense of perimeter and privacy fencing, people are often willing to spend more on privacy fencing. This is because this type of fencing tends to be more of a luxury in many cases. But it all comes down to the actual fencing you end up with, who installs it, and even the cost of maintenance over the years.


Perimeter and privacy fencing have their fair share of differences. From the area they generally enclose, to the cost it takes to get them installed, it’s evident that privacy fencing isn’t the same as perimeter fencing at all. Understanding what makes these two types of fencing is critical before opting for fencing in your front or backyard.


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