PHOS, Greek Restaurant in Mykonos, Greece

PHOS is a new Greek restaurant designed by lmarchitects  in 2012 and located on the Greek Island of Mykonos. As any other project designed by lmarchitects team, PHOS restaurant expresses the designers’ belief that tradition and new technologies can coexist at a trancedental level. The Greek light was the source of inspiration, which gave also its name “PHOS” (the Greek work for light) and shapes the identity of this beautiful restaurant area. The project distinguishes throught the use of traditional elements displayed in a contemporary view which creates a great modern look and feel.


All design elements convey a sense of serenity and calmness, a very romantic place where you can have a wonderful dinner experience. White dominates the color palette of this lovely Greek restaurant, where the decor pieces’ arrangement is simple and stylish. Pretty nice is also the combination of semi-open ceiling with lighting system, while the refraction of light and shadow creates a charming and romantic feel.

We can’t imagine how bright would be during the day with the sun beating down and reflecting, but we can surely say that as it look from these pictures night time would be a perfect time to eat there. We like it’s overall appearance and feeling, especially the way it honors the original character of surrounding buildings.


lovely-greeek-resturant-in Greece


Phos-greek-restaurant-in Greece


Photos: © Vaggelis Paterakis.


Name: Phos restaurant
Location: Mykonos, Greece
Design: 2012
Construction: 2012
Design Team: Lila Galata, Mariza Angelidi, Ariadni Kafetzi, Bettina Velliou


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