Write a Bike by Juri Zaech

When creativity meets design happens amazing things! One example is “Write a Bike”, a truly wonderful concept which promotes a never seen model form for bikes. The clever idea belongs to Paris-based designer Juri Zaech who has thought to personalize bikes in an ingenious way: spelling out people’s names using the bike frame. How does it sounds? Well, his collection of  these absolutely unique bicycles designs is funny and original and certainly will be amazing if such bicycles concepts are possible to achieve in reality.

These illustrations show awesome typographic bikes executed beautifully and makes everyone wonder if designer has thought already to produce a prototype of one of the bikes. For someone who love biking we think would be a perfect gift as an alternative to those which are right now on the market. Would you love to have one as a real bicycle?




Photos: © Juri Zaech.


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