Playful and Unique Tealight Holders by LEBORED

Looking for some original ideas of tealight holders, we found these sweet ones and we couldn’t help not sharing with you their playful and creative designs made by two young designers Alex Shilin and Jennifer Eshelman from LEBORED, a craft + design studio in Austin, TX. Inspired by the beauty, whimsy, oddity and ingenuity of the world which surround us, they create limited collections of unique pieces, one-of-a kind home decorations not found anywhere else that reveal a little something new every time you look at them.

These tealight holders are indeed very original and  attractive with their amusing woodern silhouettes suggesting different pair of characters. Besides the fact that they come in such wonderful, bright colors, their charm lies also in the fact that they litterally need each other.

Each one is designed to compliment the other aesthetically, emotionally and physically and for this reason they are held together by two tiny magnets that give them stability to stand. If the pair is pulled apart, one character can’t stand on its own. They will certainly light up your day and are perfectfor exaample for any party you have. They’re adorable, don’t you think?

Photos © LEBORED.

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