Relax with a Smile: Modern Rocking Chair Design by Montis

No matter what rocking chair design do you prefer, this type of chair may be all you need for your relaxing moments. If you take into account that some studies shows that the simple act of rocking releases endorphins in the body that produce a calming and relaxing effect and also  improves the ability to focus and concentrate, then investing in a rocking chair that suits your home proves even more useful.

It’s said that the best rocking chairs soothe, entertain and serve as sculpture as well and here you have an example that fits very well in this kind of definition: “Dim Sum” designed by Simon Pengelly for Netherlands company Montis. Available from Summer 2012, it’s a surprising and innovative model of a rocking chair which distinguishes by a beautiful modern design, bright colour combination for cushions and an extremely comfortable appearance. The nice wooden addition make you think about the traditional notion of a rocking chair and this aspect enhances even more its charm and would become a forever piece in the home.

Photos © Montis.


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