Plunge into Summer- Why You Need A Plunge Pool

The cold weather keeps us locked up indoors for prolonged periods making summer the most awaited season – it is time to indulge in numerous outdoor activities.

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Summer is characterised by fun and enjoyable events such as barbeques, swimming, and other outdoor activities. With the heat that comes with summer, we look forward to cooling off by the pool. You don’t need to have a big pool for the fun activities. A simple plunge pools Sydney in your backyard will offer the same amount of fun. These pools are built in small spaces and are mainly used for wading, lounging, and cooling rather than swimming.

Here are some additional reasons why you need to have a plunge pool in your backyard. This article focuses explicitly on explaining why a plunge pool is an essential amenity in your home.

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Small in design but still ideal for a workout

To be in perfect health and body shape, you need to ensure you are constantly active. Keeping your body in shape does not require you to have an Olympic-sized swimming pool or a gym – even with a plunge pool, you can get the same exercise intensity. The pool provides you with quick and comfortable access to some aqua fitness activities. In aqua fitness, you use the water as resistance which helps strengthen your cardiovascular resistance, stamina, and flexibility. You can intensify the aerobic exercises by fitting swimming jets in the pool, allowing you to swim without limit against the current and ease tension on your body.

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Give your garden a modern transformation

Plunge pools can be used as a basis for modern décor in your backyard. Despite its small size, a plunge pool can add a significant aesthetic look to your home. You can renovate and customise the pool to fit your desired outdoor space decoration; you can find inspiration from the existing outdoor space decoration or the interior of your home. To modify the pool with an appealing look, think about installing water features, such as a fountain. With water features added to your pool, you can never go wrong – they give you a therapeutic sensory experience. Additionally, consider turning your plunge pool into an infinity pool. It will provide you with an exciting vision of your garden.

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It will offer you year-round use

Plunge pools are going against the odds of traditional swimming pools, which are typically only used during summer. With a few advancements and renovations to your current pool, you can use the pool at any point of the year, without limitations of the season. This is all thanks to the different heating options available in the market. These are commonly used to make your pool warm during the winter season. When the pool offers you a year-round swimming experience, you will make the most out of it.

It is a chlorine-free option

Plunge pools do not use the traditional water treatment option of chlorine. Instead, this is replaced with crystal water treatment. Many people suffer skin irritation after diving into a pool with chlorine treatment, so the crystal water treatment offers a safe option. This entails a three-part chemical system added to the pool in alternating stages.

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It is excellent for entertainment

Most events and social functions are done in an outdoor setting. Similar to other ceremonies, you will want to make them fun and exciting. Therefore, hosting a get-together beside your plunge pool makes for the ultimate fun. You will create memories while eating and drinking poolside and enjoying the sun at the same time. If the temperatures are too high, you can jump into the pool and cool off. Additionally, you might need to consider fitting jets into the seating areas, which can offer massage and relaxation to your guests.

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It is easy to install and maintain

If you are late to the party of installing a swimming pool in your backyard for the summer season, you are surely looking for a quick fix. A plunge pool can be a perfect solution for this. It takes approximately two days to install the pool, thanks to its small size. Also, its relatively small size comes in handy when maintaining or repairing the pool. There is less accumulation of debris, hence shorter cleaning periods.


A plunge pools Sydney is the best swimming pool option during the summer. Despite it not being the perfect option for swimming, you can modify it to give you similar swimming conditions as the larger pools. Additionally, it can also be used for entertainment, exercises, and complementing the design and appearance of your outdoor space.


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