The demand for skilled virtual assistants is higher than ever. Here’s why

In a world that relies more and more on technology and innovation, it makes perfect sense that not only virtual office environments are becoming commonplace, but virtual assistants as well.

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While a few years ago the idea of working with a virtual assistant would raise eyebrows in different work settings, nowadays hiring a VA is no longer seen as a novelty. 

The past few years have seen a rise in the demand for capable and skilled virtual assistants in all industries. As business owners realized the benefits that virtual assistants can provide, they became less skeptical about hiring VAs, and that’s how they entered the business scene. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for ways to make better use of your time or someone who’s tempted by the idea of starting a career as a virtual assistant, this article that explores the rise to fame of virtual assistants and the reasons that stand behind it can prove useful to you. 

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What is a virtual assistant? 

Before we go behind the scenes and start analyzing why virtual assistants have become indispensable in today’s hectic business environment, let’s start by explaining what a virtual assistant actually is.  

Virtual assistants or VAs are freelance professionals with different qualifications and skill sets who can provide support and assistance for clients in different industries. VAs can provide a variety of services and assist with all sorts of tasks that can be performed remotely, through the phone or computer.  

A VA can wear many hats, depending on the training, experience and abilities he or she possesses. So, in order to find a perfect fit, entrepreneurs should look for those professionals who have the right knowledge and skills for the tasks they have to fulfill.  

Why are VAs more important than ever? 

As we mentioned previously, working with a virtual assistant instead of hiring an in-house employee is a relatively new concept, but one that managed to gain fast popularity. For entrepreneurs, now’s the right time to embrace technology in every aspect of your business, and that includes working with virtual assistants. For professionals who want to break into a new career as a VA, the timing couldn’t be better. 

So, let’s see what led to the high demand for VAs that we’re currently witnessing and what are the benefits they can bring to the table.   

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Efficient and effective organization 

When you’re a busy business owner, things can get pretty chaotic around the office and you never seem to get around to organize everything. Although it seems like a simple task, proper organization can become quite challenging, especially for fast growing businesses. Not to mention that not all people are blessed with good organizational skills. But virtual assistants usually are. They can take on the organizational tasks that always get postponed and restore peace and order from afar. 

The right skills for the right tasks 

Everyone says that entrepreneurs have to wear many hats to ensure the success of their businesses, but even the most skilled of them can’t possibly do everything on their own. For a business to run smoothly, entrepreneurs have to delegate tasks to people who have the right skills and expertise to fulfill them in an efficient manner. And that’s where VAs come into play. Instead of relying on employees who may or may not have the necessary training for the jobs they’re performing, entrepreneurs can hire VAs who are fully qualified in their fields. 

Reduced labor costs 

Virtual assistants can be a good idea from a financial perspective as well. Outsourcing is one of the smartest ways to save on operational costs, and hiring a VA is definitely going to help you in this respect. Entrepreneurs who choose to work with virtual assistants can cut back on a variety of expenses, from office space and equipment to maintenance and taxes. Besides, VAs don’t have to work full-time, as a normal employee would. Since they’re independent contractors, they get paid for the number of hours they work, further decreasing operational costs. 

Better time management 

An entrepreneur’s time is very limited as he has to juggle a million tasks at the same time, and that’s how work-life balance goes off the window. So how can they make sure they have enough time to fulfill all their work duties while also having a life of their own? Once again, VAs hold the answer. A reliable VA can take on a great deal of tasks that can be very time-consuming for entrepreneurs, like repetitive and administrative jobs, so they get to organize their time better and focus better on what’s truly important. 

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Access to a wide talent pool 

Finding talented individuals to form a competent team is not exactly easy. When hiring in-office employees, entrepreneurs face geographical restrictions, since they can only recruit people from the surrounding areas who can travel back and forth to the office. That limits their options quite a lot and can make them miss great work opportunities. VAs can bypass geographical restrictions as they can work from any place in the world, giving entrepreneurs access to a wider talent pool to choose from. 


Considering VAs don’t have to be physically present in the office and they don’t have to work on a 9 to 5 schedule (unless that’s what’s required of them), they provide a high level of flexibility. Entrepreneurs can hire a VA from a different time zone if they want to have someone available when everyone else is off duty. VAs are perfect for working alternative schedules, so they can adjust to business’ needs. 

Final thoughts 

As you can see, VAs provide the solution to multiple business problems and challenges, so it’s no surprise their popularity is at an all time high. The numerous advantages they can provide for companies and organizations make them a perfect choice in today’s competitive business environment. This also means that becoming a VA can be a great career move that can set you on the path to success. 


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