Porcelain Countertops how much do porcelain countertops cost

Porcelain is the raw material that is used for making the kitchen tops. It is elegant and has huge strength which makes it one of the best items in the kitchen. This is the ceramic material that has the history dated back many years ago. There are various benefits of using the porcelain countertops at the kitchen. Besides being the most attractive kitchen top material available, it is excessively strong and durable. If you are planning to design your new kitchen with a modern look or want to renovate your old one, the most important step is to install the countertops. 

We all know that there are lots of benefits of fired clay and stone in the kitchen. In these days, this material is gaining in importance during these days as the Porcelain material is available in various colors, sizes and styles that will fulfill the needs and budget of all the homeowners. Porcelain material is manufactured by compressing the clay with stone dust at high temperatures. This process results in a product that is resistant to water and stains. With the help of modern technology, the engineers have brought various porcelain countertops ranges that mimic the marble, metal, glass, stone and fabric as per the color that you want. 

What is the cost of the porcelain countertops?

On an average the porcelain countertops along with the installation cost takes around $60-$100 sq. Ft. The total fees depend upon the type of material used, the edges and the complexities. If you are looking for the cutouts and alterations of any porcelain slab, you have to spend more money. If the price of the ceramic tile is more, the porcelain will be tighter, less porous and even denser than ever. So, it is perfect for investing in the material that is highly durable and can withstand wear and tear for years. 

As compared to the conventional countertop materials like the stone, marble and granite; the porcelain is the most affordable ones in the market. Porcelain has the surface which is much more smooth and easy to maintain and less susceptible to damage. As the porcelain countertops are thin in nature, they are light in weight and can be moved anywhere. 

Some of the Factors Determining the Price of the Countertops-

There are various factors on which the price of the porcelain countertops depends, they are-

Price of the tile-

The porcelain ranges from $60-$120 per sq. Ft depends upon the thickness, finish and the design of the structures. If you are bringing this material from the overseas dealer, you have to spend money on transport as well. 

The design of the surface

The price of the porcelain structures also depends on the design. Are you using the countertop for the backsplash or for the countertop? Is the countertop is regular, or it has a particular shape? Does the shape require any cutouts or transformations for your kitchen? These are some of the things that might add up to the overall cost of the porcelain countertop installation. 

Size of the countertop

It is one of the major considerations to make while you are buying the countertops of porcelain. If the size of the countertop is small, the price you want is also less. If the size is larger, the price will also be larger. Hence, before you go for buying the countertops, make sure to measure the area in the kitchen where you are going to install the countertop. These are some of the factors to consider while you are buying the porcelain countertops. You should always choose the material from a reputed brand that offers high-quality countertops of various materials like stone, granite, marble and many more.


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