Portable Storage Unit with Unconventional Design

Who would have thought that combining a handbag and furniture would result an interesting object that can beautify any contemporary modern living room? This creative idea was envisioned by designer Anne Lorenz for Maigrau. Playing with these archetypes, furniture on one hand and the handbag on the other hand, the designer challenges traditional organizational concepts and principles of mobility, and came out with LOUIS, a portable storage unit that showcases a high level of originality.

LOUIS consists of a solid ash base, a 100% New Zealand wool fabric bag as the body, with a handle made of vegetable tanned leather. The body offers plenty of space for blankets, pillows and other things, so it’s very practical and good looking too. When you look at the object for the first time, you don’t realize that is a chest of drawers, you might thing is a lovely accessory, a travel handbag that you can place it anywhere in the room because it’s a mobile, not stationary piece. We think it’s a great, modern alternative to those usual wood chests, what do you think? Use our comment section to share your opinions with us.

However if you prefer timeless design with modern twist, then check out the Button collection by John Reeves.


Photos © Maigrau

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