Protect Your Kids & Pets With This Water Safety Guide

When you were constructing the swimming pool in your backyard, you thought of it as a luxury and happy time with family during the hot and humid summer months. But, what about your kids and pets who can’t be left unsupervised near the pool. 

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Ensuring their safety is one of the critical responsibilities of being a pool owner. You have to make all the necessary arrangements to protect them from injuring themselves or causing a severe threat to their life by falling into the pool when you are not around. 

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There are many ways to secure your pool for your pet and kids, and in this article, we’ll make you aware of these. So, let’s scroll down and find out:-

Safety for Kids

  • First thing first, supervision is mandatory. Never let your kid go around the pool when you or any adult is not around. Teach them to carefully dive into the pool. Inform them about the difference between the deep-end and shallow-end of the pool water. 
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  • Secondly, educate your kid about the potential dangers of swimming pool, and to only go around the pool with an adult. This will undoubtedly tame their temptation to jump into the pool to a certain extent while you are at work or running some errands.
  • Install a safety fence; experts recommend that the height of the fence must be 4mm, and should not be wide enough to let a kid squeeze through. Ensure that there are footholds for your kid to climb.
  • Install a pool cover to prevent your kid from diving into the pool. A motorized pool cover with a glass base is often rated as the safest cover as it covers the pool end-to-end, and your kid can’t pull up. 
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  • You can also consider installing a pool alarm; it will alert if someone falls or jumps into the pool water. 
  • If you are letting your kid swim, make sure there is an entry and exit ramp so that they get in and out smoothly. 
  • Your kids must wear sunscreen when around the swimming pool for an extended period. Since the kid’s skin is sensitive, it tends to form unsightly, painful sunburns. Moreover, sunscreen also protects your kid’s skin health in the long term. 
  • No chewing gums in the pool. Although chewing gum seems harmless, while swimming, it poses a choking hazard threat for everyone. 

Safety for Pets

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  • Similarly, for your pet, install the perimeter fence. A properly installed fence around the pool won’t allow your pet to get anywhere near the pool water. 
  • Don’t assume your pet can swim. Be careful with your pet before you push them into the pool, especially if they are acquainted with water at a younger age. Not all animals are naturally good swimmers.
  • Patio enclosures are effective when it comes to protecting your pet from direct sunlight, rain and inclement weather without missing the beauty of the outdoors. They can relax under the shade for hours without getting bored. 


In the end, be it your pet or kid, a pool cover is an absolute necessity; it provides an unparalleled level of protection. It also saves you money on energy, water, maintenance, and pool chemicals while preventing minor to major accidents by limiting access to the pool water. Further, installing a safety cover is a clever way to make your pool appeal classy and stylish. The pool covers are available in a myriad of color options; choose one that accents your outdoor space. 


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