How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas? 8 Stunning Ideas

We all know that it is time to hear the jingle bells rhythm, and so make sure that you are fully ready to welcome this joyful time of the year.

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The best way to get ready is to embellish your home with a blossoming Christmas tree and glowing ornaments. We are curious to know if you are one of the people who want to try something exhilarating and different for Christmas. 

Every Dubai resident can easily relate to Christmas and its joyous aspects and definitely need to know how to decorate your home perfectly. So, keep on reading to get plenty of ideas in order to decorate your home for Christmas celebration. 

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Ideas to Decorate Your Home in Dubai for Christmas

Actually, there are many stunning processes and ideas to decorate your Dubai home for Christmas. Some of the main ideas include decoration of the Christmas tree, table setting, decorating walls, etc. Here, we are going to discuss some of our favourite home decor ideas that you will surely love. 

  1. Decoration of the Christmas tree

You might not know actually there are various ways to decorate your Christmas tree. You can decorate the tree traditionally with fairy lights and baubles. You can hang cards, painted dartboard stars and pompoms at the extra edge of your Christmas tree. Make sure to choose a nice Christmas tree, place it at the most traffic oriented spot in your home. 

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If you want to buy a natural Christmas tree, then you can visit the Dubai Garden Centre, Home Center, Bloombox flowers, etc. However, some of the online stores like my green chapter, Ace hardware sell great Christmas trees. For your little ones, don’t forget to add stringers made of knitted socks. 

  1. Decorate the Front Wall

Professional decor artists advise you to pick a Christmas-themed wreath in order to decorate the front wall of your home, for this Christmas season. You can even buy some Yuletide cheer to decorate your home. 

You need to hire a part-time maid Dubai to clean your house as you are going to welcome guests. They will help to clean your home, as well as decorate your home. Do you like simple decorations on the wall? Then, you can hang a wonderful wreath. Something, like a garland, made of paper berry leaves would be wonderful. 

  1. Christmas Table Setting

During the Christmas season, we all like to organize a dinner party in Dubai. Mainly, there are certain things that you can add on your Christmas table like snowflake cutouts, ornamental baskets, lollipops, napkins, etc.

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You can even put a basket on the centre of the table and fill the basket with baked goodies, with pine cones and candles around it. This will make the basket look gorgeous. Make sure to place fancy glasses on the table. If possible, tie them with red ribbons. A few small pine cones would complete the Christmas table decoration. 

  1. Use Candle to Decorate Your Home 

Candles are the best prop for the Christmas home decoration. Make sure to use scented candles and place a jar filled with fairy lights and some pine cones around those candles. 

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You can even use a Christmas tree branch. Decorative items around those scented candles would be memorizing. This will add a stunning look to Christmas decorations. You can use a flameless variety to add charm around your coffee table or night-stand. Make sure that all of your furniture is perfectly cleaned. It can be possible that you might not be able to do it all alone. So, you can take help from carpenter services.

  1. Decorations Around Your Home

It can be possible that you live in an apartment in Dubai. In that case, there are not many things that you can do to decorate the outdoor area. But, you can put a Christmas wreath in that area as this will help to grab the attention of the people passing by your appointment. 

Sometimes, it can be possible that you have rented a villa in Dubai. In that case, you can decorate the outside area of your villa nicely. If you want to create your own Winterland at your home, then place a large snowman or a few gnomes to decorate the outer area. 

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You can even put a figure of Santa at that outside area of your villa. Don’t forget to get some festive lanterns, twinkling fairy lights etc to create a magical atmosphere. You can buy these things from the Christmas decoration warehouse or shops. 

  1. Decorate Your Christmas Presents 

If you want to see a happy and smiling face of your loved ones, then make sure to decorate the presents you bought for them, for Christmas. You need to buy some glittery-white, red or green wrapping paper and tie those boxes with ribbons in order to create beautifully decorated boxes.

We will suggest a place for all those decorative gifts on a table to light up the look of your home. Make sure to place some ornaments around the gifts. 

  1. Decoration of Lights 

There are many people who like their festival shiny and luminous. If you are one of them, then you can check out the available ideas for your Christmas lights in Dubai. The first thing you should opt for is the bending lights, as you are able to place them anywhere. 

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Putting these lights will help you to make your room cheerful and bright. Make sure to put the light strings around Christmas trees, snowman wreaths and staircases. You can even use Chinese lanterns or ornament lights to brighten up your home. 

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  1. Utilise Bold Palette and Festive Pillow 

Everyone wants to include bold colours during the festive season to decorate their home. If you like to take a break from the traditional Christmas palette, then you can go with off-white and bright green, to make your living room look playful. 

You can add some pops of gingham to brighten the look of your living room. You can even boost the living room’s cosy factor by hanging stockings in a festive plaid pattern. Make sure to use festive pillows. This would enliven any basic chair or sofa. Go for a red pillow, with white ribbon and a bit of greenery. 


These are the most probable ideas to decorate your home for Christmas 2020. The above list will also help you to buy pops and Christmas trees for your home decoration. We hope that you can bestow a beautiful outlook for your home. Now, just start the decoration and only a few days are left for a magical Christmas. 


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