Corners guards are explicitly designed to protect walls’ edges and corners from damage while blending with the existing wall design since they come in various materials, sizes and finishes.

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They are mostly installed in high traffic wall corners such as in hallways and corridors to prevent damage hence cut down repair and maintenance costs. When taking care of your home property, you need to do everything you can to see that it remains in good condition and maintain its value. There is no better way of protecting your walls from impact, chipping, and cracking than corner guards.

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Corner guards come in different materials to suit different needs. Metal corner guards such as those made from stainless steel are suitable for heavy-duty applications since they are highly durable and robust. Others are made from high-impact plastic and rubber, and they are also durable and affordable. The sizes of metal guards also differ, and since they are installed vertically, most of them range from 4” to 8”. However, they can be customized or cut to a specific floor to ceiling height. 

When it comes to installation, there are different methods for installing corner guards. One is by using an adhesive chosen depending on the type of corner guard and the wall materials. Typically, this kind of installation is flexible and easy to place. The other kind of installation is screw-on, whereby screws fasten the corner guard to pre-drilled holes on the wall.  This requires the use of tools and fasteners, but it is a permanent solution that ensures the corner guards’ durability. The last but not least kind of installation is when the installer uses a double-sided tape on the corner guard’s insides, which allows it to be directly fixed on the wall. This requires no use of tools; therefore, it is a user-friendly installation option. Now that you know what corner guards are, here are the benefits of installing corner guards around your home.

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Corner guards prevent injuries.

Installing corner guards around your house walls is very beneficial, especially if you have kids who love running around without a care in this world. For instance, toddlers who are learning how to walk are prone to falling around corners, while bigger kids are prone to get hurt by the wall corners as they run and chase each other around. Corner guards made of rubber and vinyl are home friendly to protect anything that comes into contact with them. Such softer materials are the best for preventing your family, visitors, and kids from getting injured when they come into contact with the wall corner. The material’s softness ensures no one gets hurt, and it is strong enough not to get damaged. Corner guards are critical when baby proofing your house.

Protect your home investment

Another benefit of installing corner guards around your home is to protect your investment. Wall corners are prone to chipping and cracking as you move your furniture, boxes, machines, etc., in and out of the house. You don’t want to be always repairing the corners because they have been damaged or appear unsightly. You don’t have to worry about dents, gouges, or scratches on the walls’ corners with corner guards installed. 

If your walls have wallpapers, they tend to get worn out and torn at the corners so, corner guards can be beneficial in preventing that as well. A damaged wallpaper isn’t only unsightly but also costly since you have to refinish it or redo the whole wall for a more polished look. When you install corner guards, your walls will be as safe as the items that come into contact with them, protecting your investment in the long term without incurring extra costs.

Prevent the walls from chipping and peeling

It is common for painted walls to chip and peel at the corners. It may be due to something hitting the corners, kids or pets scratching, or merely old age. If you want to prevent the corners around your home wall from chipping and peeling, the best thing is to install corner guards. That way, your cats who naturally keep on scratching surfaces will not damage your corner walls.

It also prevents the wallpaper from peeling off, so you don’t have to incur costs now and then to do repairs. Moreover, corner guards can prevent the moisture in the kitchen and bathroom from eating up the wallpaper adhesive keeping it lasting longer.

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Taking care of wheelchair users

If you have a senior or a person who uses a wheelchair in your house, the wall corners might not be friendly to them and vice versa. When the wheelchair hits the wall corners, it damages the walls. Even if the person is not staying with you for a long time, you can temporarily install the corner guards and remove them later if you feel you do not need them anymore. 

Reinforce corners

You can use stainless steel corner guards to replace the corners around your house. For instance, reinforcing the corners at door frames and window sills since they are most prone to damage in the home. The guards prevent cracks, dents, chips, and scratches.

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Easy to clean

Stainless steel corner guards are more manageable to clean. You only have to wipe them clean with a piece of cloth, and you are done. Having corner guards installed in your kitchen walls can be helpful as it becomes easy to clean food oils and acids. Disinfecting also becomes more manageable.

Available in various materials

Corner guards come in various materials such as stainless steel, rubber, plastic, etc. You have multiple choices to suit your preferences. They also come in varied sizes and thicknesses; therefore, it wouldn’t be challenging to find something you like.

Aesthetic appeal

Corner guards can be decoratively painted to enhance the appeal of the wall to which they are installed. Furthermore, you can leave the guards as they are to stand out if you feel that they add a touch of decor to your home.

The bottom line

Having corner guards installed around your home is a worthy home investment. It gives you satisfaction because you don’t have to worry about anyone getting injured, and you protect your home investment.


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