Remodelling Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Having a modern day kitchen that is equally appealing as well as amazing is one of the greatest desires every homeowner has with his small kitchen. If you believe in the fact that your smaller and messy kitchen can never look extravagant, it is high time to let go of that false notion as we are here to let your kitchen dreams come true with our unique style inspiration to give your tiny kitchen a wonderful look.

A modern kitchen should be a combination of two things- style and ample space to keep every chore in check. For it to reach its full potential, you need to remodel your counter space, the cabinet designs and there are a  plethora of options just for that.

Here are some of the conscientious remodelling ideas for a small kitchen:

  1. An Effective Use of Empty Spaces

While reconstructing a small kitchen, you first need to understand its underpinning, its foundation strategically. We know for a fact that small kitchens don’t usually have empty spaces but you are missing the point here. If you have an empty space between the ceiling and your cabinets, then it is also a space for storage. Be smart and get your kitchen very nice and beautiful wicker baskets that you can put in that space and fill it up with the things less used. It will take the load off from the counters and you can use them effectively for your meal preps. Make sure the baskets are according to the size of the empty space and are precisely nice. If we are planning to remodel, let’s start with making the kitchen space beautiful too. Several construction companies in Sydney offers you a customized form of wicker baskets that goes with your kitchens to give it an amazing look.


  1. Claustrophobic Much?

Compact kitchens with so many wide and long cabinets make it look like a closet and who likes to see the tools just lying everywhere making it messy? So if you are actually going to remodel, that too in the small space, consider opening it up. It is one of the best advice we have given to our customers who are looking for remodelling ideas for a small kitchen. You can trade the large cabinets with upper shelves of same colours and use them for storage. Magnetic belts for storing the metal tools and using pot racks will give it an overall airy look that can actually look big despite being in a little pace. You can use nice wallpapers or colours for shelves which are actually breezy and looks like spring.

  1. Colour Combinations

Colour combinations play an important role while redesigning something. For an instance, all the kitchen shelves and cupboards put together in a contrast combination of red, pink, yellow and blue is not a treat for eyes in any way. So many loud colours in so little space are going to mess things up even without the cooking happening. So in order to have a fresh feel, have lighter colour shelves and cupboards. You can use contrast colours for the kitchenware which will eventually give the kitchen an idea of a whole lot of space and you can work effortlessly.  

  1. Deceptive Effects

There is something called a negative effect that is illustrated in the books of modern kitchen redesigning. It is basically using transparent objects or glasses in the kitchen to give an overall spacious look. It is the best way to expand your kitchen without actually expanding it literally. For instance, you can make use of glass doors if you have a kitchen room that will give it a visual of ample space. Using glass cabinets to store the tools and kitchenware is also a way to expand the kitchen metaphorically. Moreover, it allows you to find your things easily and will give the kitchen a modern and shiny look.

  1. Subway Tiles

The spacious look is the main purpose of remodelling your kitchen and you cannot go wrong with the subway tiles. They are an amazing alternative of storing things neatly and gives the kitchen an overall spacious look. Glossy subway tile where you can put your cutlery and fruits basket to show and have a nice meal prep and eat there only is like a dream come true for the houses with tiniest kitchens. It gives the kitchen a modern-day look even without actual large space.

  1. Cohesiveness

Sometimes uncontrollable clutter makes the kitchen looks tinier than it actually is. So it is advised while remodelling to use shelves of the same colour and a contrast cutlery or kitchenware to give an overall organised look. You can use the same colour for all the kitchen utensils or told so as to keep them organised eventually in the ascending order. More is the organization internally, more is the faux space you can actually portray.

  1. Lighting

Designing a well lit kitchen is one of the amazing remodelling ideas for a small kitchen. Lighting up anything doesn’t only give it a bright and polished look but also gives a faux spacious effect with the shadows. When remodelling, try to use ample lighting for the kitchen. Such as the subway tile where you can actually eat should have a bouquet of yellow lights or lamps or even a chandelier hanging from it to give the room a wider look. The lights from the cabinets and the base should have a contrast effect so as to create shadows which will give your kitchen the idea of a longer kitchen rather than narrower. Subtle glowing colours are a treat for the eyes.

  1. Do It Yourself

DIY sounds rather bland but to actually think of it when you are remodelling is something I can totally agree with. To start with, let’s get you a bigger kitchen with some DIY idea. For an instance, you can use some wooden shelves the adjacent empty wall of your kitchen and use it to store kitchen tools that you don’t usually use. For example, they can be used to store those cake stand, wooden cutlery you actually decided to buy out of nowhere, stylish cups and mugs. All these can take the mess off your kitchen and add up to the home design. Secondly you can create a multi-utility shelf that can have all the to go things you need in your kitchen such as your water bottle, protein powders your to go coffee mugs, your scarfs, umbrella etc. you can also try your hand with a DIY pantry to store those treats you like so very much and use often.


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