Renovation Idea – Try a Minimalist Bedroom Design!

The idea of a minimalist bedroom design stems from organization and decluttering. There’s nothing better than getting rid of every nick and knack that’s weighing down on your mind and achieving a perfect sense of serenity and calm.

But does a minimalist bedroom design mean you have to sleep like a monk in an empty room? Of course not! It just means only using a few spare elements that add a touch of simple sophistication to a room that’s barely meant to bring you peace, not stress. Here’s how you do it!

  • No extra furniture beside your bed!

This should be a no brainer when talking about a minimalist bedroom design, right? But you would be surprised how difficult it will be at first to get rid of all the extra furniture in your sleeping quarters.

You will find yourself asking questions like – where should I put my glass of water, book, phone, and hand cream, etc. That’s the whole point of decluttering though! Try to do all those activities outside the bedroom so you can condition yourself to go straight to sleep once inside!

  • No decorations allowed here!

If there’s no extra furniture, evidently there should be no extraneous decorations. Yes, we know that candle holders and picture frames with flowers are cute, but look at it this way. Did you know that there is a definite link between clutter, frustration, procrastination, and dissatisfaction according to a study published in Current Psychology

This essentially means that clutter will lead to a more stressful life without you even knowing it. Therefore, you should think twice before hanging string lights and placing several flowers vases in your bedroom.

  • Go for a single color

Another way in which you can reduce the levels of stress in the bedroom is by giving your brain a chance to rest. A shortcut to that is by choosing a single color for the walls and furniture as opposed to an entire palette. 

Bright, bold colors mixing haphazardly in your bedroom are tiring and may well be one of the reason why you have trouble sleeping. Even if you don’t realize it!

Therefore, this is what we would call textbook minimalism. Having a simple, soft color on the walls matching your natural wood furniture and your white linen. The result will be not only a minimalist bedroom design, but also a well-deserved serene space in which you can finally relax after a long day!

  • Use mid-century modern furniture

One of the easiest ways in which you can achieve your minimalist goal is by using mid-century modern furniture. What does that mean, you ask?

This style refers to the type of furniture that became available and highly fashionable, for that matter, right after the Second World War. Hence the name – mid-century. Today, however, it’s tied closely to Scandinavian minimalism as well as the idea that all the furniture is made of natural materials that make it look even more sleek and bare-boned.

This, in fact, would be an amazing idea if you plan on redecorating your whole house or turn your summerhouse into a guest bedroom for that matter. The quiet elegance of mid-century furniture lends itself to both modern and vintage finishes to which you can add interesting focal points.

What about you?

Can a minimalist bedroom design become your new nirvana? Of course, it would have to be a monochrome, decluttered nirvana, which accents a single piece of furniture and just one material, preferably wood. But it might just be the single most relaxing and serene place you’ve ever spent time in!


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