Designing Your Wedding Invitation Cards

Creating a wedding invitation card is very important. It is the initial step in the proper execution of a well-planned wedding. Couples tend to spend a lot of time and effort in choosing the right design, color, words, etc. for their wedding invitation to make it look as unique as possible. Below are some essential tips to help design your wedding invitation cards.

Keep it formal

A formal wedding invitation would require you to spell everything out, even the time and the date of your wedding. For instance, the time that your wedding would commence at should read ‘six o’clock’ and not ‘6:00 pm’ on your invite. Make sure to double check all the spellings on your invites. In addition, make a prior agreement with your online vendor as to whether or not you will be able to proofread the cards before the final printing.

Make it personal

Maybe you could include a poem or a quote in your wedding invitation as a backdrop to your text. The quote or poem, be it your own or someone else’s, should be of meaning to the both of you; should be both special and unique. This will definitely make your invite stand out. A wedding invitation card with your photos and unique wedding hashtag can also personalize your invites. You’ll want to your friends and family members to remember this event forever, and a wedding invitation can look beautiful set out along with your photos.


Make sure you take great care of informing your post-office to hand stamp the invites and to avoid running them through any machines. Running it through a machine may damage the invite and even smudge the written content. Such small details must be taken into consideration as all your hard work may be futile if the officials at the post office doesn’t take proper care of your invites.


Something creative that you can do to make your invite stand out is to create a unique logo with your names. You could take the help of an online design tool such as Mixbook. They offer an impressive selection of personalized and beautiful Mixbook wedding invitation cards, many featuring stunning embossed details and patterns to give a luxurious look and feel. Take your time to browse through their selection to see if there is anything that catches your eye in particular.

Plan in advance

If your wedding is taking place during the holidays or in some foreign destination, make sure you send out your invites three to four months in advance. Even if you’re celebrating it locally, around a month, prior notice is advisable. There is nothing worse than people not being able to come because they did not have time to schedule their vacations around your wedding.

Designing your own wedding invitation cards gives you a great chance to be creative, adds a personal touch, and helps in cutting costs as well. There are a variety of design tools available online such as Mixbook. Mixbook wedding invitation cards can save you time, costs as well as provide high-quality wedding invites. You can also take advantage of Mixbook’s free wedding invitation sample kit, which has over 1000 designer templates all set for you to personalize.


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