What are the Benefits of Choosing a Pure Wool Rug?

Opting for a pure wool rug is an investment for any modern home. They can come at a premium with a higher cost than other options, so it is worth considering whether it is an investment worth making. Wool has been used as a material for floor coverings, carpets and rugs for centuries, so what are the benefits of opting for this material when there are so many others now available?


As already mentioned, wool has been a renowned material for floor coverings for centuries, if not longer. Its structure is ideal for rugs and it has a rich history which makes it feel like an authentic and classic addition to any space in the modern home. Man-made fibres simply cannot rival the authenticity wool will bring to your home.

Timeless Style

Wool is highly versatile. Its high protein content is the reason it can be easily dyed and a wide range of different colours and styles can be offered using pure wool. Dyes stay true to the colour wanted and wool can also hold its colour for many years when looked after properly. 

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

We all know exactly where wool is sourced from and it involves no human input, aside from the shearing itself. There are no chemicals or man-made fibres required to transform natural wool into a woollen rug. The amount of energy it takes to produce wool is estimated to be around 1/8th of that of nylon and similar man-made fibres. It is also 100% biodegradable and many rug producers are able to tell you the source of their wool so the sustainability of the farming and flock rotation can also be looked into.

Energy efficiency is also improved with wool rugs, due to a reduction of heating costs in the home. Uninsulated flooring can result in up to 10% heating loss and so investing in wool rugs can help minimise heating costs. Wool can also help stop heat rising through the floor, so in warmer months it can even help keep your rooms cooler than usual.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The finest synthetic fibres simply do not have the same stain resistance as wool. The natural light wax which coats each woollen fibre ensures they are extremely easy to clean, and it will also trap particles such as dust and pollen, keeping them out of the air and therefore your lungs. Stains do not penetrate wool easily and this helps ensure any soiling is kept to the surface of the pile, making it easy to remove without any harsh chemicals or cleaning products.

Hard Wearing and Built to Last

Wool rugs stand the test of time if you look after them properly. It is a naturally springy material and the fibres can stretch as much as 35% its natural size and spring back into natural shape.

This means it can be moved, walked over and take a regular place in the home and still maintain its natural look without any significant wear and tear. Investing in wool quickly results in a return on your original investment, as you get many years of enjoyment from your chosen piece.

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