Responsive Relationships & Child Development in Classroom

Everyone knows that children are the most inquisitive learning machines.

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For them everything is new and they want to know everything about it whether it is a game, toy or a book with lots of beautiful pictures. The most important thing in this process of being curious and learn is how good is the learning environment where the child is learning and the learning process becomes more pleasant when child understands that having good relationship bond with others will give him/her a safe, pleasant and jolly environment while learning doesn’t matter it is with peer group or teachers.

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So, the most difficult task becomes how to make children of such tender age understand how to make healthy relationships which can create a safe and happy study environment around them? The answer to this question is by supporting responsive relationships for children. Because with the help of relationships children learn about their environment and how to communicate with others to make them understand their thoughts and feelings. Regarding this their first school becomes their home where within the relations in their home children learn their first skill to express themselves to others.

Within the family a child learns a sense of recognition regarding those who care for him/her always and seeing them he becomes happy and jolly because he/she trusts them. In the same way when child enters in school it is a complete stranger environment where he/she doesn’t know anyone and all faces are new to him/her and he/she has to spent 5-6 hours with those strangers who are not even family, so the only way child can thrive there comfortably if he/she makes some relationships with those strangers which is called friendship.

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Now this is a mutual relationship where friends help each other, communicate with each other and trust each other. Spending 5-6 hours a day daily with a peer group creates a bond of trust with friends as well as with teachers also. This relationship also has a base of mutual cooperation like if student is unable to come to the school due to any reason, then teacher becomes worried for his studies and future and suggests student to use online teaching apps because through these online teaching apps, he can teach his student even when he is not present in class due to his compulsion. Teachers are the sole guardians in the school who take the responsibility of the child for those 5-6hrs in the class which the child spends as a student in school so a healthy and trustworthy relationship between both is very essential. The early studentship of child makes him establish good and safe relationship with adults and makes him get acquainted with some important things such as share and care in peer group such as if he/she needs notes of any subject then he/she can ask for those notes without hesitation to his/her friend in peer group and they will help also, being at the forefront of the group to participate in activities, have a respectful and trustworthy nature towards responsible elders like parents and teachers, have a good communication network with friends and teachers, have a friendly atmosphere where peer group enjoy the company, being cooperative to everyone and being very attentive in academic and social life. 

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Having good relationships in the early classroom improves the level of a student’s bond with teachers and helps in his/her academic improvement and growth. Apart from this, children learn the importance of teamwork also when they develop such responsive relationships in their school environment and the most important thing is they remain so happy in such an environment that they themselves avoid any kind of violent behaviour in the class or outside.

Teachers though have good qualification of teaching and they have technical degree also regarding teaching even then it is necessary for them to study more about new researches and findings regarding how to build healthy and prominent relationships with children so that student can share his/her problems regarding study and teachers can provide them accurate solution to their problems. Also, teachers should keep on researching from their level to create a safe, jolly and trustworthy atmosphere where children could learn through innovative techniques and activities. This will include equal participation of child and teacher where they will develop a bond and relation of trust with each other. 


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