Rocco Design Architects Completed W Guangzhou Hotel & Residences in China

Over the past few years, the southern China’s largest city, Guangzhou, is an ever-growing city, becoming one of the most remarkable architectural places in China. This fabulous 106,500 sq complex consisting of hotel and residences is the latest addition to the new Central Business District of Guangzhou. Situated along the central axis of the district, with the main boulevard on one side and the residential building (part of the same urban block) on the other side, the development acts as an interface between its two different site contexts: the inner landscaped courtyard and the busy, public Xian Cun Road.


This imposing and glossy addition to the city showcases a distinctive architecture with an expressively rich composition that goes beyond the daily conventional. Two buildings with different functions ( a 317-room boutique hotel and 160 serviced apartments) are architecturally unified into one amazing monolithic block.  According to architects, the two sections are run by the same management, being practically mixed with the same overarching aesthetic keeping in the same time through subtle design features their contrasting elements.

The taller part of the building feature apartment units designed for permanent residents. To have the best living conditions, the residences  block is directed towards  the quieter south-eastern Xian Cun Road junction, while those who stay in the hotel rooms can see the Xian Cun Road / Jin Sui Road roundabout with a much livelier energy. A matrix of vertical glass fins delicately defines the dark granite and glass cladding of the  private residential part consisting of apartments and guest rooms.

Besides its functional role, to accomodate  bars, restaurants and spa, which means the public part, the transparent glazed boxes that visually spring out from the dark background of the building have also the role to animate the western façade. A gracious, welcoming, and surprising ambience is created through large vertical opening designed in the centre of the development. This feature connects both visually and spatially its tranquil inner park with the public street. It acts as a “Window to The City” allowing free passages of air, light, and different views. Spectacular appearance at night!




W-Guangzhou-diagramPhotos © Liky Lam


Project details:

Architect: Rocco Design Architects Ltd
Local Architect: Guangzhou Foreview Architect Institute
Interior Designer: Yabu Pushelberg, Glyph, AFSO, A.N.D., DesignWilkes
Structural Engineer: RBS Archectural Engineering Design Consultant Co Ltd
M&E Engineer: J. Roger Preston Ltd
Hotel Operator: Starwood Asia Pacific Hotels & Resorts Pte. Ltd
Location: Guangzhou, China
Year: 2006-2013
Client: KWG Property Holding Limited
GFA: 106,000 sq m


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