Rugs and Carpet- Transformation from Ancient to Modern Style

Mat is the term used for the piece of fabric that is usually placed on the floor that serves a wide range of purposes. Kitchen, bathroom and main door are the most common places where these are used. The purpose of these fabric materials depends on the necessity of the users. You might have had seen a “welcome” printed mat at the entrance of a house. Also, people even use rugs in bathroom as well.


History of Rugs and Carpets

But do you know that their utilization have had been predominance since the Stone Age. During this time, the cavemen used the skin of predators at the entrance of the caves in order of ward off other predators. During the dark ages, mats and carpets were mostly seen as items of decoration, thermal insulation methods as well as for reducing the sound. The popularity of the woven rugs went to its zenith during the Renaissance period. Some of these priceless creations can be seen even today.


Till date, the rugs that are sold signify an unusual investment due to the fact they tend to increase in price as they age. Rugs that are around 50 years of age are likely to be worth several times more than their original price. The origin of the rugs can be considered to be via two sources, Asian and Western European. The oldest known rug dates back to 400 B.C. originating in Siberia.



The Present Day Carpets and Rugs

Presently, these are not only admired for their designs but by the job they do. Right now, these matting equipments are not only used in houses but, in workplaces as well. This is mostly due to reduce the accidents that mostly occur as a result of slip and fall. Also, these matting solutions are used for reducing fatigue, resulting from the prolonged standing. It has been observed that employees suffer from muscle strain and injury resulting from improper flooring conditions.


The flooring equipment available today is made of rubber and several other composites. These are used to provide a safe surface to walk, reducing the chances of slips and falls. These types of anti-slip flooring equipment have been made mandate for being implemented in workplaces. Made of rubber, these mats are non conductors of electricity and therefore, have been observed to safeguard the employees from the impact of electrical malfunctioning.

If, you are planning to install one of these flooring solutions in your workplace, then it is better to choose according to the work done. For example, if your business involves the handling of chemicals, then corrosion resistant flooring products would be best. Search over the internet for the types of matting products and accessories available in the market and implement them to enhance the safety of your workplace.


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