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Top Living Room Design Ideas for 2016

A living room takes various roles that can make decorating it kind of challenging.

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For a number of individuals, it is a formal room meant to entertain guests while others take it as a casual room for leisure activities such as reading and watching TV. Ordinary living rooms have many seating, bookshelves, occasional tables and other pieces of furniture; however, despite their similarities they appear very different.  In order to make the living room the best space in your house, use the following living room design ideas so you can have an inviting and comfortable place to gather your friends and family.

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Set the Living Room Mood with Color

The color that you select for your living room will have an impact on how your guests feel in the room. Colors are capable of energizing or relaxing the room, depending on their intensity and their coolness or warmness. A serene scheme of white and soft blue makes a spacious room feel cool, calm and collected. A light tan carpet will warm the room and balances the cool tones.

Finish the Ceiling and Walls

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Traditionally, walls in the living room get more formal treatment or elaborate than other space in the house as the space is a public room. In order to make the room welcoming which depict your personality, select wall coverings or treatments which reflect your style.

Put on Character that Has Architectural Trimwork

Trimwork acts practical purposes that cover the seams w her ceilings and floor meet walls and the supporting structures around the openings. However, such elements also serve aesthetic purposes. The trimwork’s style helps in giving your house a distinctive appearance, whether modern, classical, regional and old-world.

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Select Stylish and Comfortable Flooring

To keep with the living room’s function as a public room, select a floor covering which offers comfort and underfoot and creates a design statement. Such vibrant wall-to-wall carpet sets the foundation for a mix of stripes and florals.

If you choose a less bold floor, pick solid neutral flooring which enables attention to concentrate on art or furniture. Hardwood floors that have area rugs are famous choices for floors in living rooms along with stone tile, ceramic tiles and full carpeting.

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Make a Focal Point

Focal points anchor the living room and helps in drawing you into the room. Fireplaces have a natural point which symbolizes home and health; however, in many living spaces, the TV is the always the true center of attention. In order to avoid competition among them, consider pairing them. A stunning piece of art or beautiful view can serve as the focal point of a room. And imagine you put a fireplace below it. Fireplaces are the most modern antiques that are still around for years. Though the ones we get these days are revised versions and mostly electronic, they look exactly like the ancient log fireplaces. The electronic fireplaces are easy to install and are more energy-efficient and healthy alternatives that come in lovely modern designs: (Source: Top Rated Fireplace Inserts)

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Arrange Furniture in the Room for Conversation

A living room is a gathering space so make use of furniture arrangement for promoting interaction and conversation. Pull away seating pieces from the walls and then arrange them in a way that they face each other. In case your living room is big enough, divide this into two conversational groups to create a more intimate and comfortable feeling. Ottomans and chairs which can be pulled into the group enable you to expand the circle while keeping the intimacy.


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