Selling a Home Fast: 6 Tips to Make it Happen

Selling a property can be a long and tedious process, especially if you are doing it independently.

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If it can be of any help, it helps to seek a professional realtor’s assistance to sell your property fast and get the most out of it.

Moreover, it is vital to know the factors that affect a house’s saleability, such as housing market conditions and the location. It can help a lot if you have a background on these concepts.

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If you plan to sell a house on your own or through an agent, here are the top six (6) helpful tips for selling a home fast.

Create an Appealing Listing

The golden rule is to have a detailed and enticing listing all the time. You need to have all the information about the property (house and lot size, amenities, number of rooms, security features, garage, accessibility, etc.), high-quality images, and floor plans. 

Use Professional Photographs

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Having compelling visuals is one factor that defines a comprehensive listing. The best way to do this is to hire a professional real estate photographer or take your own photos if you are confident in your photography skills. If you’re looking for quality photos at an affordable price, you may want to consider hiring a freelance photographer to get the job done. After securing the images, it is time for photo editing to enhance the listing photos further. Remember that editing is an essential part of the process since you do not wish to have boring and dull images for your listing. So, if you have pro skills in editing, then do it on your own. Otherwise, you need to choose the best real estate photo editing company to work for you.

Offer a Reasonable Price

When selling a house, it is best to set the right price for it. You can research the property’s best possible price value by asking local realtors who sold the same house like yours in the past weeks or months. By doing this comparative market analysis (CMA), you can have the benchmark for the house’s possible market prices.

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Highlight the Home’s Unique Selling Point (USP)

Just like in business, it is important to emphasize what makes your house different from others. For example, you can talk about how accessible it is to the main highway or the essential establishments (market, hospital, train station, school, park, and church) around the neighborhood. Always make sure you capitalize on USP to gain leverage in the real estate market.

Make Minor Repairs and Eliminate Personal Preferences

Once you decide to post your home for sale, start depersonalizing the property by removing personal things and decorations. This will make the potential buyer feel more comfortable when checking the house. Also, try doing some minor repairs to visible areas and be transparent to the buyer about these renovations.

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Be Flexible with Home Tours and Respond to Offers Promptly

Potential buyers tend to be busy people, so if they negotiate with your preferred time and date for the house tour, do not hesitate to agree. Please take into consideration their reasons and assure them that it is okay with you. The same thing goes with price inquiries. Make sure to address any queries as soon as possible. Doing this will give the potential buyer the impression that you are willing to transact and negotiate a cash offer.

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Indeed, selling a home is never easy. The process takes a long time, and your effort matters. That is why it will be helpful if you incorporate some useful tips in the selling process. This way, you can still relax while managing to sell your house at its best price. If you hire a real estate agent to do the work, let him handle the process using the proven real estate marketing techniques and the help of the tips above.


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