The Top 5 Different Handyman Jobs

There’s a wealth of different types of jobs out there for handymen, which is why you’ll find different handymen specializing in many different things. So even if you see handymen advertising themselves as generalists, you’ll likely find that they specialize in certain jobs over others. With that in mind, here are some of the more popular handyman services you can expect to find.

Drywall Installation

Among the more commonplace tasks you’ll find that handymen take on is drywall installation. This is usually required during the remodeling of a home or after a water damage remediation. General handymen, however, often come with the right equipment needed to cut, measure, and install boards with precision and skill, so you can expect a generalist to be fully capable of carrying out this one.

Fixture Replacement

Home fixtures, such as lighting systems, cabinets, and kitchen faucets, may break or wear out as a result of everyday use. While an amateur DIY enthusiast can readily replace these fixtures, homeowners are often tempted to take on such tasks by themselves. Either that, or they simply prefer to have a professional take on the job if they want to feel more confident that the job will be done right.

A license isn’t required for many fixture replacement jobs, which means that most general handymen can perform them. Some situations, however, may call for the replacement of a particular fixture, such as a lighting system or faucet, which requires a particular license.

Smart Home Upgrade Installation

With this kind of job, a handyman visits a home and installs smart home devices, which include sensors, doorbells, and thermostats. You should check that any handyman you consider has been certified to install the particular brands and products you have in mind, as there are numerous types, and some may call for specialized knowledge of particular electrical systems.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Of all the handymen jobs that you can request, interior and exterior painting definitely ranks among the most common. Painting a house isn’t easy, especially if there are people living in it. Many property managers or homeowners use a painting service to boost the value of their home before selling it- often gaining a positive ROI by selling it either at a higher price or in less time.

Generalists frequently accept requests to repaint a home, and often own the necessary tools for such a job (like lasers, furniture covers, tape, drop cloths, and paint rollers). Some handymen even promote themselves as painting specialists because they realize that the service is so popular.

Tile Installation

Generalists can often carry out tile installation over a prepared subfloor. Tile installation might sound simple i.e., just lay down the adhesive, smooth it out, and finally place a tile over it. However, there’s more to tile installation than the above three steps.

When handymen install tile, for example, they need to measure the floor space so that they cut tiles that match the insulation site’s edges. They also need to precisely lay the tiles in order to prevent wasted space and crooked layouts. Finally, they will also likely need to soak water-absorbent tiles to prevent moisture from being soaked up, Handymen and professionals with flooring experience will need to possess the right skills and tools to take care of these issues.

Honorable Mentions

Power washing involves surfaces that can become covered in debris such as dirt. These surfaces include roofs, garage floors, driveways, exterior walls, and sidewalks, which can result in severe discoloration. It can be a part of basic property maintenance when the homeowner wants to keep the home’s exterior looking pristine. Another honorable mention is window repair, which can include cleaning up broken glass, as well as replacing/repairing the window and/or window frame. This job might call for a specialist, however, if you have a non-standard size of windows in your home. Many homeowners prefer to fix broken appliances, as opposed to paying for a new one to replace the entire thing. This is why small appliance repair is another popular handyman job. The handyman can fix the appliance in many cases for far less than it would to buy a brand new one. They can at least offer an estimate should the repair cost be prohibitive when compared to the cost of buying new.

Find the Right Handyman For You

The plain truth is that the word “handyman” can bring to mind a large number of services. This only emphasizes why it’s so important that you verify with an individual handymen service to check what they’re qualified and prepared to do, and that they understand the importance of good health and safety, both physically and mentally. Just be aware that the above list doesn’t include every single handyman service out there, although it covers the main jobs you can expect to need at some point or another.


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