Six useful items to have on your work desk

Working from home or in the office requires people to have a high level of concentration.

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This is why people always make sure to be comfortable in the space they’re working in. To achieve the best results, people should have a space that allows their minds to be productive.

With a clean workspace, people can be more productive and motivated to work. More importantly, it calms their mind to see that everything is kept well in place.

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The most important part of anyone’s work area is their desk since it’s where everything is kept in place. Whether someone’s working seriously or just playing Plinko during their free time, it would feel better if the table is kept clean.

Aside from neatness and being able to reflect a person’s character, it is also great if people can place some items that help boost productivity. Here are some examples:


It’s important to stay hydrated while working so people tend to keep a glass of water on the side. The only problem with having a glass of water is that it can cause small puddles on the desk. This can be a little dangerous because electronic devices and documents might get wet.

By having a coaster, people can keep their glasses in position and prevent moist markings on the tabletop, which is especially important if it’s made of wood.

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Keeping a notebook at the side is helpful for jotting down vital information that might be needed at work. These notebooks can be used to write reminders that can readily be accessed anytime they’re needed.

This is important, especially to those who frequently attend meetings. With this, people can jot down the minutes of the meeting. Also, notebook pages can also be used to make a to-do list.


Headphones or earphones can also be kept on top of a work desk. This makes it accessible whenever people need to concentrate by listening to music. This is also important for meetings that are held online.

Some people usually opt for a headphone stand where they can easily hang their headphones. With this, placing a headphone on top of the table won’t make a desk look messy. Meanwhile, those who use earphones usually place it on small purses while those who use Bluetooth earphones usually keep their cases nearby.

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Pen organizer 

A pen organizer on top of the desk is useful, especially for those who like writing in notebooks or memo pads. By having this, people will never have to worry about misplacing their pens again. This may also be used to keep highlighters that are useful for marking important details that need to be remembered.

Mini lamp

A lamp on top of a desk is also beneficial because it provides adequate lighting, especially for those who work at night. This keeps the eyes from becoming tired from staring at a computer screen for too long. Aside from that, a little lamp also enhances the attractiveness of a workstation.

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Desk calendar

By placing this on top of the table, people will never have to worry about missing their deadlines and being lost in track. Though smartphones may have built-in calendars on them, physically seeing the upcoming dates help people plan their days ahead. 

These are just some important items that can be of good use when placed on anyone’s work desk. By having these, people will find it better to work or play Plinko peacefully whenever given the chance. Regardless of what they wish to do on their computers, it is by having a clear desk that people can enjoy a more breathable space!


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