Small Space? Maximize its impact. Here’s how to create the illusion of a larger abode with the help of Wilcott Weaves

If you have a small space, you can trick yourself into thinking that it is a lot larger by using these simple techniques. There are simple techniques that you can use to create the illusion that your living space is much bigger than it actually is. Just a few changes will make it feel more roomy and comfortable.

Choosing the Ideal Size

Every space deserves a beautiful area rug. However, if you choose a rug that is too small, it can minimize the feel of your living space. When choosing an area rug, you want to make sure that it fills up a large majority of the space. Place the rug so that it fits in the middle of your living space and the bigger the better. A small rug will make the space look more compact and stuffy. Brands like Wilcott Weaves provide great selection of rugs with just the right size.

However, a rug that takes up all the space in the room can be just as suffering. Measure your space, and then purchase a rug that leaves a healthy amount of floor space uncovered. You want around a 70 to 80 % coverage ratio.

Rug Placement


Place the rug in the direction that you want your eyes to move. If you walk into a room and the rug longest part of the rug is along the horizon line, it makes the room look smaller. By turning the rug around, you will increase the length of the room and make it look bigger. If you are placing the rug in your living space, try to get one that reaches almost to the edge of your furniture or one the is placed in a way that sits underneath your furniture. Your furniture does not have to be on the carpet completely. However, if you place it up against the wall, it should be longer and wider than the bed. Placing it so that the rug shows at the base of the bed will make your bedroom appear larger.

Use a Mirror or Window

Mirrors are a wonderful way to increase the look of a room. If they are properly spaced, they will be able to expand the room beyond its natural boundaries. Placing a large mirror at the shorter end of the room, can open the space up. Also, large windows that allow natural light can brighten a room, and make it feel larger.

Choosing Furnishings

Choosing fewer furnishings that are larger is another way to widen a room. Make sure to not clutter up the space. Lots of things will decrease the size of the space. Placing minimal furniture on top of a well-placed rug will create a warm and cosy space that is not too cramped. It is a great idea to include some spaces that allow for hidden storage. That way you can easily grab your book or favourite magazine, without having to broadcast it or incorporate it into your design.

Top Furniture Choices

Choose a nice foot rest with hidden storage space. It is a terrific way to keep your space clutter-free. Shelving can give you more room to display your favourite trinkets and don’t take up too much wall space. That is a lot more welcoming than a wall full of tiny objects, like a book shelf.

When you are stuck with a smaller space than you would desire, these tricks are sure to broaden the space. It is the best way to deal with smaller spaces. These tips will help you create a space that you can be proud of, even if your tiny piece of our earth is smaller than you’d like.


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