Taking a bath  in a shower stall the is the ultimate solution to almost everything.  A person definitely needs a bath before going out and after coming home from a hectic day.  A cold or warm bath essentially relaxes and stimulates your body.  Bath is like a therapy that your body needs apart from just cleansing.

Everyone takes a normal bath but what if you are being told that you can experience a special bath every time you step into your shower stall? Yes, it is possible and amazingly it won’t cost you much. There is always a debate about which one is good; Shower enclosures or bathtubs? Personally, we feel that Bathroom shower stalls are way cooler and attractive than bathtubs. The reasons are quite evident as they are much more compatible and easy to use and who doesn’t want ease in life, right? They are much more affordable and are not slippery as bathtubs.

So, now that you know why you should choose shower stalls over bathtubs, let’s move to how you can make your bathroom shower enclosures more lucrative. The best and most cost effective way to go is designing the interior of Bathroom shower stalls. Here are the best ideas that you can implement to make your experience of shower more comforting.

Installed Shower Glass

The best thing about shower glass is that it is not much costly. It makes your bathroom look more presentable. It prevents the water from splashing around that makes the floor slippery. It confines the water from flowing out. You can try different experimentation with shower glass and still it would look good as it gives you a spa kind of feeling at home.  

  • Plain shower glass:  You can always go with a see-through shower glass. It is the plain model and also the more sophisticated one  
  • Misty shower glass: To give an elegant look to your shower stall, you can always go with a misty shower glass
  • Designed shower glass: Let it be flowers or anything that you like, designed shower glass gives a brand new look to your bathroom.  The best thing about designed shower glass is their ability to give a new life to your bathing experience
  • Fiber-enclosed Shower: There is an immense use of fiber in our daily life things then why not for shower stalls. They are like perfect for this job as they are quite resilient and hard to break. Home with children needs fiber-enclosed shower

Mild installed lights

You can use different mild lights or just one; depends on your choice. A mild light over your shower enclosures can have a soothing effect on your mind. It relaxes the environment around you and gives you a peaceful atmosphere that a normal bathroom shower stalls fails to deliver.  You can choose any color of your liking.

Install Slabs

it can give an amazing look to yourbathroom shower enclosures. It can give a different feeling of getting a shower while sitting on the slab; unique but cool!    

Install a Music player

Installing a Music player in your bathroom shower stalls might seem crazy but it can turn out to be a whole new experience for you. Imagine having a bath while listening to your favorite jazz music or anything that you like. You can remove the tag of being a bathroom singer and experience something new.

Shower Stall with a Mini Bathtub

Are you double-minded about having to choose between a bathroom shower enclosure and a bathtub? What if you install both of them at in your bathroom?  Installing a mini bathtub won’t cost as much as a regular bathtub. The best thing about it is that it will give you the pleasures of both in one place. It will save you money and space along with a new awesome look.

Nature Inspired Walls and Floor

There is nothing more alluring than nature. Why not use the experience of nature for your bath? You can have small wooden planks on your wall and also can have a wooden floor. You can find pebbles and rocks that you can engrave on your walls as it will for surely make you feel closer to nature.

Green Shower Stall

You can place artificial plants or even those indoor plants to make your shower enclosure more appalling.  It can have a humongous impact on you as you would feel light-hearted by using Green shower stalls.

Well, now that you know what new experiments you can try with your bathroom shower stalls; it is high time to practically work on any of them. You can make your daily life experience of a shower a lot more mind-relaxing and fun by just applying any of the above ideas. All the ideas are 100% applicable and effective; it’s just a matter of you trying them in your bathroom shower stalls.  


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