Smart and Innovative Lighting Solution -Lumio by Max Gunawan

Looking for an alternative to your traditional lamp?  Meet Lumio, a book-shaped awesome lamp that grab your attention from the moment you see it. Simplicity and ingenuity are the words that describes this great project envisioned by architect Max Gunawan, whose goal is to give people the freedom to experience beautiful lighting wherever they are. With a minimalist yet poetic design aesthetic, Lumio is a modern lamp that combines the ease of using portable lighting with the performance of a high-end permanent light fixture.


500 lumens of light, that interestingly hide inside the cover of a 2.5cm thick book, are waiting to reveal you in a multitude of eye-catching shapes for many different functions: as table lamp, wall sconce, ceiling pendant, task lighting, outdoor lighting, accent light, emergency light, etc. Practically, you have everything you want into one single product. Isn’t just amazing? Its sculptural and versatile form makes even a great center piece, while creating a nice ambient glow. It’s stylishly compact design featuring built-in super strong magnets and the possibility to easily charge it via USB charger or micro USB from your computer, make from Lumio a great companion when you’re on the go, which meets almost any lighting needs you may have throughout the day.

It’s intuitive and very easy to use: just find metal surfaces and open its wood covers and its “pages” emit a high quality LED lighting  that increase and decrease in intensity by adjusting the angle of its flexible and durable spine. The lights turns off automatically when you close it. You can use Lumio continuously for 8 hours on a full-charge thanks to its rechargeable lithium ion battery. Committed to quality and sustainability, the lamp is made of a combination of eco-friendly materials: marine-grade FSC certified wood for the covers in 3 finish options – dark walnut, warm cherry and blonde maple,  100% recyclable, water resistant Tyvek for its body and economical high output LED which is slightly brighter than 40w bulb. See how Lumio works and how many outstanding configurations you can create with it from the video at the end of this post.





 Photos © Max Gunawan



Discover Max Gunawan’s smart and innovative lighting solution

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