Unique Handmade Glass Apple Sculptures to Decorate Your Homes

Amazing decoration ideas are something that everyone is looking for to create an original-looking interior design that express our personality and lifestyle, that’s why we try everyday to get you inspiring design pieces from designers and artists all over the world. For example, we couldn’t help sharing with you these splendid handmade apple sculptures developed by Brazilian artist and designer Lisa Pappon exclusively for São Paulo-based company BULL & STEIN , which is focused on providing outstanding concepts with the world‘s most famous international decorators, architects and artists.


The love and passion for art and sculpture of the Brazilian-born founder Marcus Bull matched perfectly with Lisa Pappon‘s eternal quest for new forms, techniques and finishes, resulting exotic and remarkable creations manufactured in Europe and Asia. This new extravagant collection embodies Lisa Pappon’s cultural vision by using apple, a universal symbol of the Earth, of life itself, that transcends cultural boundaries and gather all the people whatever their origin. This fruit has adorned human art throughout the ages, being a source of inspiration and emotion since the dawn of time.


Reflecting desire and voluptousness, the collection called “Transparency” is inspired by an icy, imaginary alien and magical universe, and consists of inimitable handcrafted apple sculptures mouth-blown in coloured glass. Combining a special technique and beautiful colors, result apple sculptures with frozen, crystalline cases with twinkling reflections to remember the ice. Devised for eternity, apples seem to have been shaped by the blizzard that has delightfully cracked them.  They look so pure, delicate and fragile, their surface reflecting all the light around. Like a rare gem of cool elegance, these oversized handmade sculptures add an element of the surreal to any interior or outdoor environment. Every item has its own nature and may vary in shape and tone. A rainbow of aquamarin, amber, zirconium, emerald and amethyst comes in glassy finishes.


 Photos © BULL & STEIN

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