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Smart Design Tips for a Small Bedroom

Is your small bedroom getting you down? We understand. That’s why we have curated smart tips to help maximize your bedroom space and bring new life to it. You might think the only option is to squeeze in your bed or the nightstand, but there are many ways to increase space and make your small bedroom appealing.

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  1. Maintain a simple layout

Coming up with a functional layout when designing your small bedroom doesn’t require much. An excellent suggestion would be placing your bed in the middle of the main wall. Ensure that you have space to walk on either side of the bed. It creates room flow and also gives you enough space when making our bed.

  1. Ensure there is sufficient light in the room

Ensuring there is plenty of light in your small bedroom is crucial to keep it from feeling claustrophobic and dark. You can opt for beautiful overhead lightings such as a chandelier or pendant, a floor lamp, or bedside table lamps.

  1. Get rid of the small nightstands.

Just because you have a tiny space, it doesn’t mean you use smaller furniture. You can opt for small bedside stools, mostly next to a bigger mattress and bed frame. Using a tiny nightstand can seem so dorky. Doing this can make your small bedroom appear more prominent, and it will also be more functional and useful.

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  1. Create a space illusion

Creating the illusion that your bedroom is spacious is a great design idea. You can do this by hanging drapery close to the ceiling as possible. It always works because it brings the eye up. Another trick is when picking your curtains, match their color with that of the wall. It looks modern and can look beautiful in smaller areas. Contrasting colors can be distracting to the eye.

  1. Declutter the room

A small bedroom will never look appealing when it’s full of crowded with things. Fun fact is, you don’t have to spend a dime to keep your room clean and organized. One part of doing this is getting rid of unnecessary stuff from the room.

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  1. Go for mounted lights in place of floor lamps and table lamps.

If you can, try and avoid floor lamps and table lamps. It might sound like an obvious thing, but such light fixtures will only take up the small floor space at your disposal. You can save enough space if you opt to hang lights above your bed or on the wall. If you prefer pendant lights, they can work too.

  1. Decide the focal point of the bedroom.

Each room in a house needs a focal point – an attractive spot that determines a hierarchy, so your design doesn’t look untidy. Mostly, the bed head should be the focal point. You can amplify it by hanging a beautiful art piece above it or a bold pillow arrangement. Sometimes, the window can be attractive to the eyes, but don’t make the two compete. If possible, you can place your bed in front of the window to complement each other.

  1. Take advantage of the bedside storage.

Be smart when designing your small bedroom. Install a nightstand with functioning shelves and drawers and employ a floating shelf above them for more storage. You can consider hiring a room organizer for your tiny bedroom to maximize space.

Final word

Designing a small bedroom might be fun because it requires less time, money, and effort. Always consider a minimalist look when designing your bedroom. For more Information visit SOD Home Group – Custom Home Design & Improvement, their team of experts can help you understand more about bedroom design.


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