Sofia New Subway Concept Featuring Innovative Undulating Canopy

Design firm Peter Ruge Architeketen came with a fantastic design concept for the new subway on Metro Line 1 in Sofia in an international competition. Important stopping point on the main route between the city center and the international airport of Sofia, the new Metro Station is also the center for an urban redevelopment of the area as a new community center.

The main innovative element of the project is the ribbonlike, undulating canopy representing the exterior design which architects created as an active harmonic connection between the existing landscape and predominant architecture of the neighborhood. Finely cast steel elements covered with white non-flammable canvas lining are the materials used for creating the elegant, sinous canopy design and its lit interior, maximizing the amount of natural light. This design concept will manage to optimize the 120,000 daily flow of passengers, reduce traffic congestion by extending the stations concourse level which could also include a shopping court.

Photos: © Evolo.


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