Visually-Striking Asymmetrical Appearance of Dagu-Bridge in China

Located in Tianjin’s urban Consumer Recreation District in China, Dagu Bridge is a great project which represents a major achievement in bridge engineering thanks to its structure, the first of its kind worldwide. Its visually-striking asymetrical appearance, which become an iconic landmark for Tianjin , was achieved by T.Y. Lin International Group. Dagu Bridge crosses the Haihe River at the point where the river is about 100 meters wide, having six lane traffic and two pedestrian paths, with a width that varies from 30 to 60.8 meters. The use of a three-dimensional structural system in the arch ties by having two planes of hangers is one of the most innovative features of the design. Due to the two asymetrical arches- the larger (39m high) symbolizing the sun and the smaller (19m high) symbolizing the moon, Dabu Bridge is called “Sun and Moon Arches”.

Photos: T.Y. Lin International Group.


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