Stethoscope – the ID proof of becoming a Doctor

Imagining the presence of a doctor without a stethoscope is just not impossible but unbelievable to think. It is one of the most important and invincible equipment which A to Z all doctors need for monitoring the condition of a patient. All medical specialists of all branches are having this   stethoscope with them. Even the nurses too know its application and can check the condition of the patient in the base level before the doctor reaches the location to treat the patient. All in all, what we can say is that stethoscope is an integral part of the medical world.

What is a stethoscope?

A stethoscope is a typical and important equipment of the medical world which is used for listening the actions of any individual’s heart as well as the technique of breathing. The medical equipment comes with a small resonator which is disc-shaped. This resonator is placed close to the chest or rather say on the chest of a patient to take note of the heart beats.  The resonator is connected with earpieces with 2 tubes which are pushed lightly in the ears of the doctor or the person checking the patient. Depending on the response of the heart the doctors can analyze many health issues.

What are the raw materials used in the making of best stethoscope:

Stethoscope which is binaural comes with earplugs, flexible tubing, binaural pieces, a tube, along with a chest piece. The ear plugs of a Stethoscope get attached with a spring like a figure made out of steel to fit perfectly on the ears of the investigator. In general best stethoscope makes use of Delrin or silicon rubber in molded form for making of the earplugs, so that it doesn’t hurt the ears.  The binaural pieces stem running till chest piece and also the chest piece, all are made out of metal.
Some of the common metals which are used in the making of these parts are aluminum, stainless steel, and brass which is chrome plated. The flexible tubing is made out of latex rubber and many manufacturers also use polyvinyl chloride. Steel spring and steel ball bearing are used in making of valves of the dual diaphragms of the stem. These days modern Stethoscope comes with an anti-chill ring which is placed at both ends of the diaphragm. This helps the doctor in hearing the sounds of the heart more clearly as well as makes it a comfortable feeling for the patient also.

How the stethoscope works?

The diaphragm of the stethoscope is basically a sealed membrane which vibrates just like the eardrum of a human ear. When it vibrates it makes a movement in the air column of the tube of the stethoscope, both up and down. This movement, in turn, makes another movement of air right in the ear canal of the doctor as well as in Volia. The doctor can now hear the sound of heart beat and breathing of the patient.  The diaphragm surface area is bigger one in comparison to the air column which makes movement in the tube. The air present in the tube needs to travel more in comparison to the diaphragm for creating huge pressure wave to end at ear tip. It creates large sound and that helps the doctor to hear the sound clearly. This is how a stethoscope works for creating clear and distinct sound.

Best stethoscope available in the market:

As already mentioned, that there are quite a good number of companies which are involved in the manufacturing of stethoscope. But there are specific few which can offer you the best stethoscope. Many doctors and medical organizations certified that the following 3 are the best available stethoscopes in the market with great performance.

•    3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope
•    3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope
•    3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope
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