How to Get a Jumpsuit Perfect for Your Body Type

Jumpsuit is trending everywhere! Be it for a casual meeting with friends, going to the workplace or simply catching up with your boyfriend, pantsuits can give you the perfect look. After being a fashion rage of the 70s, jumpsuits resurfaced in 2000s and they became prime attire for a short storage life. They have continued to be a mainstay with celebs, in particular. Being comfortable attires, most fashionistas prefer them. Even you would see the girl-next-door flaunting one of them.

They are chic, simple, fun, sophisticated and empowering. Since these are figure-flattering outfits and show off the curves more than other average attires, make sure they fit well. Here are a few tips that can help you find the right jumpsuit for your body.

If you are considering getting it tailored, fit in the rise is essential.

  • If you are looking for something oversized, go for the drop-crotch ones. Well, that’s how most casual pantsuits are designed.
  • When it is for petite ladies, it is better to opt for the fitted jumpsuits. The oversized ones will overwhelm your frame.
  • These are the basic things that you should keep in mind when buying a jumpsuit. However, further, the article explores different body types and jumpers to suit each of them;

If You are All Worried about Your Bust

Individuals with smaller bust can take two approaches. Either they can look for a jumpsuit with a statement neckline or may an open back. On the other hand, V-neck jumper would play down the large burst.

The Curves

Jumpers fit perfectly to those having an hourglass figure. If you have it, then flaunt it with a curve-hugging and clean silhouette. As for the slender girls, they can opt for a layered piece and that will add volume. Also, a peplum jumper can successfully create a curvier figure illusion.


A short woman can opt for a high waist to look like she possesses longer legs. A tapered leg is better than a wide one. On a smaller frame, a bold and head-to-toe printed jumper can be overwhelming. On the contrary, the tall girls should consider wide leg. Halters and racer backs will beautifully complement a deep neckline.


A high neckline alongside a drop waist will make your torso look elongated. If you are tall to carry a wide leg, then this type of design will also bring the eye down. Those who have a long torso, they should look for a printed item that will distract the lookers from your waist. Plus try out the straighter silhouette, so that it can keep your natural proportions more mysterious.

Balance the Proportions

Individuals with broad shoulders can lessen their size by simply selecting a jumper that comes with an embellished shoulder. You can even try color blocking with softer shades. This is effective for balancing wider hips. When a dark leg is paired with a lighter top will catch eyeballs more. Again, a flowy top and cinched waist can create an hourglass frame. Check out the online stores to find jumpers or see-through jumpsuits for women that will suit your body type.


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