5 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Family’s Best Recipes at Home

If you’re trying to preserve your beloved grandmother’s old recipe cards, there are better ways to do it rather than keeping the delicate cards inside a locked box. Amp up your kitchen’s design with your family’s love for food by displaying these delectable cooking instructions in creative and interesting ways.

Add something unique and nostalgic to your kitchen that will definitely blend with your state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. This way, you can strike a balance between vintage and modern designs for your kitchen.

Here are five ways to showcase your family’s best recipes at home:

Personalized Photo Cookbook

Collate all your recipe cards, digitally scan them, and have the scanned images printed as a photo book for your own personalized recipe cookbook! For a customized touch, you can add fun facts to the cookbook, like how each recipe originated and how many years it has been used by the family.

Make it as comprehensive yet concise as possible. Share not only your culinary knowledge but also the story of how cooking and love for food bring your family together. Also, show your love for taking mouthwatering photos of food by including photos of appetizing dishes that you’ve developed over the years.

Laminated Recipe Cards

If you want an organized, systematic way of showcasing your recipes, reproduce and print them on color-coded papers. You can also punch holes on the papers for ring binding. This way, not only can you easily choose what dish to make, but you can also lend it to friends who are interested in your recipes.

Cute Recipe Boxes

If you want an old-fashioned way of displaying your recipe cards, put them in a recipe box. Stick washi tapes or colored papers on the box for a more appealing look. If you have recipes that need adjustment, make sure to re-write them for your future use.

You can also create a cute DIY recipe box and laminate the recipe cards, so if they get dirty or wet, you can easily wipe them off. Try to include different labels for an organized sorting.

Stylish Framed Recipe

You can also use your cooking instructions as wall art decorations! Cover up those bare walls with sleek and stylish framed recipe cards that can show how much of a foodie the whole family is.

All you have to do is find the right frames that will fit your recipe cards and strategically insert each card into a frame. You can also include multiple recipe cards and do a collage for a more striking finish.

Tip: For a longer-lasting framed recipe display, scan and reproduce old recipe cards because sunlight and extreme temperatures can damage the delicate original ones.

Family Recipe Scrapbook

Relive the memories and showcase your delectable recipes and the memories that go along with them. In your family recipe scrapbook, include not only the history of the dish but the story of the people behind it as well.

Fill the scrapbook with photos of your dishes and the whole family cooking together. Be as creative as you want and design it just the way it should be: overflowing with all the goodness of food, love, and family.

These creative ways to display recipes at home may be simple, but they can definitely bring back a lot of fond memories and familiar taste into your home. Not only can you preserve the culinary legacy of the family, but you can also share with others your family’s time-tested recipes.


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