Ways to Display Flowers Creatively in Your Home

Flowers can liven up moods within moments and breathe life into a boring space. They add colour and fragrance, creating a soothing ambience. Flowers are not just for gifting; colourful flowers when added to your home décor can make the space warm and welcoming. So wear your creative hats and display flowers in a unique way to create a visual treat for your guests. Here are some ways how you can display flowers creatively in your home.

Flowers in Mason Jars

Mason jars not only help you store items in the kitchen, they can be utilised for a lot more things. Spray paint the mason jars with your favourite colours and place a bunch of colourful flowers inside them. Tie ribbons on the neck or centre of transparent mason jars for a fun look. Cut the stems to match the height. Lamour et fleurs suggests, when grouping flowers, consider the overall home decor; choose flowers that complement the colour scheme and overall ambience. Remember, flowers have their own significances, so choose accordingly. Place mason jars in groups on the window sill or on the coffee table in the living room, to brighten up the space.

Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottles come in a range of shapes and sizes. For this purpose, we’ll need some perfume bottles that look pretty. Clean the bottles and use them as mini vases. Perfume bottles are perfect to be placed on the dresser in your bedroom. Choose fragrant flowers such as roses, peonies and hydrangea to add romance to your bedroom. A single rose would look great in a sleek perfume bottle; or a bunch made of a combination of rose and other smaller blooms will be great for a wider bottle.

The Teapot Garden

There isn’t a house where you can’t find some extra tea pots and tea cups; you just need to put in some efforts to find them. Clean them and repaint if necessary and turn them into flower holders. Bright yellow or gorgeous pink flowers would work well white teapot and cups. These can be placed anywhere in the house — the dining room, porch, home library or even in the lounge.

Cake Stands

You surely don’t bake cakes all round the year! When you are not in a mood to bake a cake, use the cake stand for flower decoration. Make a bunch using colourful flowers; use some larger blooms and combine then with smaller blooms and some ferns to create an excellent visual effect. Choose colours that complement each other. This decoration can be used for your home, office and even for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Try these unique ideas to spruce up your home with fresh and colourful flowers and watch the compliments pouring in!


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